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​Committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, the University of San Diego School of Law's faculty is recognized nationally for their scholarly impact.

USD's community of scholars author leading casebooks and treatises, scholarly monographs published by the finest university presses and influential articles in the nation's leading law reviews. Faculty members come from diverse personal, professional and academic backgrounds and include numerous former judicial clerks, practitioners from the private and public sectors as well as both sitting and former judges.

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Ramirez, Jean


  • California Criminal Litigation In Action, Third Ed. (with Laura Berend) (Carolina Academic Press, 2016)
  • Criminal Litigation in Action, 3rd Ed. (with Berend) (Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming 2015)
  • Criminal Litigation In Action, 2nd Ed. (with Berend) (California Academic Press, 2002)
  • State v. Johnson: An Acquaintance Rape Case File and Problem Set (National Institute for Trial Advocacy Publishing, 2000)

Chapters of Books or Articles within Books

  • “Something Not So Funny Happened on the Way to Conviction: The Pretrial Interrogation of Child Witnesses” in Criminal Courts for the 21st Century, 2nd Ed. (Prentice Hall, 2002)

Journal Articles

  • “The University of San Diego Criminal Clinic: It's All in the Mix” in 74 Mississippi Law Journal 1021 (2005)
  • “Child Witness Policy: Law Interfacing with Social Science” in 65 Law and Contemporary Problems 209 (with Graham, Marsil, and Ross) (2002)
  • Child Hearsay Statutes: At Once Over-Inclusive and Under-Inclusive” in 5 Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 304 (1999)
  • “"What's So Magical About Black Women?" Peremptory Challenges at the Intersection of Race and Gender” in 3 Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 369 (1996)
  • “The Future of the Post-Batson Peremptory Challenge” in 29 Michigan Journal of Law Reform 981 (1996)
  • “A Theory of Compulsory Process Clause Discovery Rights” in 70 Indiana Law Journal 845 (1995)
  • “Lessons from Akiki and Michaels on Shielding Child Witnesses” in 1 Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 340 (1995)
  • “Something Not So Funny Happened on the Way to Conviction: The Pretrial Interrogation of Child Witnesses” in 35 Arizona Law Review 927 (1993)
  • “On Truth and Shielding in Child Abuse Trials” in 43 Hastings Law Journal 1259 (1992)