Iddo Porat

Visiting Professor of Law

  • JSD, 2004, Stanford University
  • LLM, 2000, Stanford University
  • LLB, 1998, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Areas of Expertise

Professor Porat teaches legal and constitutional issues in the Middle East.

Professional Experience

Porat is a lecturer at the Center of Law and Business in Israel, where he planned and organized the academic legal writing program and developed the school's manual for academic legal writing. 

Honors and Affiliations

Porat graduated magna cum laude from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was an articles editor for the Stanford Journal of International Law and clerked for Justice Dalia Dorner at the Supreme Court of Israel from 1998 to 1999. 

Key Works

Porat's publications include “American Balancing and German Proportionality: The Historical Origins” in 8 International Journal of Constitutional Law 263 (2010); “Proportionality and the Culture of Justification” in 59 American Journal of Comparative Law 465 (with Cohen-Eliya) (2010); “The Hidden Foreign Law Debate in Heller: The Proportionality Approach in American Constitutional Law” in 46 San Diego Law Review 367 (with Cohen-Eliya) (2009); “The Plural Implications of Value Pluralism: A Comment on Maimon Schwarzschild's On This Side of the Law and On That Side of the Law” in 46 San Diego Law Review 909 (2009); and “The Dual Model of Balancing: A Model for the Proper Scope of Balancing in Constitutional Law” in 27 Cardozo Law Review 1393 (2006).

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