Faculty Biography

Orde Kittrie

Adjunct Professor of Law

  • JD, 1992, University of Michigan
  • BA, 1986, Yale University

Areas of Expertise

Professor Kittrie teaches legislative advocacy in USD's Washington, D.C. Externship Program.

Professional Experience

Kittrie’s teaching and research in international law focuses on nonproliferation and sanctions. He has testified on nonproliferation issues before both the U.S. Senate and House, and recently served as one of12 members of a special Congressionally-created committee to make recommendations on how to better prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. He has taught at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Before joining ASU he served at the U.S. State Department where, as its lead nuclear affairs attorney, he negotiated five U.S.-Russia nuclear agreements and a U.N. treaty to combat nuclear terrorism. Kittrie also directed the Office of International Anti-Crime Programs and was Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Economics and Business Affairs.

Honors and Affiliations

Professor Kittrie was named the 2006-07 Centennial Professor of the Year at Arizona State University, a university-wide award honoring outstanding teaching inside and outside the classroom. He was also named by Hispanic Outlook on Higher Education as one of the United States’ foremost notable Hispanic professors of international law.

Key Works

Kittrie’s works include "Averting Catastrophe: Why the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is Losing its Deterrence Capacity and How to Restore It" in 28 Michigan Journal of International Law 337 (2007); "Federalism, Deportation and Crime Victims Afraid to Call the Police" in 91 Iowa Law Review 1449 (2006); and "More Process Than Peace: Legitimacy, Compliance, and the Oslo Accords" in 101 Michigan Law Review 1661 (2003).

Fall 2014 Classes

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