Faculty Biography

Brian Galle

Visiting Professor of Law

  • LLM, 2006, Georgetown University
  • JD, 2001, Columbia University
  • AB, 1995, Harvard College

Areas of Expertise

Professor Galle teaches taxation and tax policy.

Professional Experience

Galle's primary areas of specialization include taxation, nonprofit organizations, behavioral law and economics, federalism, and public finance economics. He is an associate professor at Boston College Law School. Galle has also been a visiting professor at George Washington University Law School and Georgetown University Law Center, and a visiting fellow at the Urban/Brookings Tax Policy Center. He previously practiced as an attorney in the Criminal Appeals and Tax Enforcement Policy Section of the Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Prior to that, he clerked for Judge Robert A. Katzmann, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and Judge Stephen M. Orlofsky, U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Honors and Affiliations

Galle belongs to the sections on Administrative Law, Philanthropy, and Taxation for the Association of American Law Schools, and the Sections on Taxation and Business Associations for the American Bar Association. He has served on the Program Committee for the National Tax Association and as an Area Organizer/Referee for the American Law and Economics Association.

Key Works

Galle’s recent articles and chapters include "The Politics of Federalism: Self-Interest or Safeguards? Evidence from Congressional Control of State Taxation" in Handbook on the Economics of Federalism (Edward Elgar, 2013); "The Tragedy of the Carrots: Economics and Politics in the Choice of Price Instruments" in 64 Stanford Law Review 797 (2012); "Is Inside Debt Efficient? Evidence from CEO Pensions and Deferred Compensation" in 38 Journal of Corporations Law 53 (2012) (with Kelli Alces); "The Role of Charity in a Federal System" in 53 William and Mary Law Review 777 (2012); "Beyond Bailouts: Federal Tools for Preventing State Budget Crises" in 86 Indiana Law Journal 599 (2011) (with Kirk Stark); "Recessions and the Social Safety Net: The Alternative Minimum Tax as a Counter-Cyclical Fiscal Stabilizer" in 62 Stanford Law Review 187 (2010) (with Jonathan Klick); "Is Cap & Trade Fair to the Poor? Short-Sighted Households and the Timing of Consumption Taxes" in 78 George Washington Law Review 34 (2010) (with Manuel Utset); and "Keep Charity Charitable" in 88 Texas Law Review 1213 (2010).

Spring 2014 Classes

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