Faculty Biography

Jeffrey Bellin

Visiting Professor of Law

  • JD, 1999, Stanford Law School
  • BA, 1995, Columbia University

Areas of Expertise

Professor Bellin teaches evidence.

Professional Experience

Bellin clerked for Judge Merrick B. Garland of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He served as a prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC. Bellin also practiced with the San Diego office of Latham & Watkins and served as a senior attorney for the California Courts of Appeal. He is an associate professor at William & Mary Law School.

Honors and Affiliations

Bellin received the Walter Williams Jr. Memorial Teaching Award from the 2014 Graduating Class at William & Mary. He received the Don M. Smart Award for Excellence in Teaching from the 2012 Graduating Class at SMU Law School, where he taught prior to joining the faculty at William and Mary.

Key Works

Bellin's publications include “eHearsay” in 98 Minnesota Law Review 7 (2013); “Facebook, Twitter, and the Uncertain Future of Present Sense Impressions” in 160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 331 (2012); “The Incredible Shrinking Confrontation Clause” in 92 Boston University Law Review 1865 (2012); “Crime Severity Distinctions and the Fourth Amendment: Reassessing Reasonableness in a Changing World” in 97 Iowa Law Review 1 (2011); and “Widening Batson’s Net to Ensnare More than the Unapologetically Bigoted or Painfully Unimaginative Attorney” in 96 Cornell Law Review 1075 (with Semitsu) (2011).

Summer 2015 Classes

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