USD Law Professor Vic Fleischer Analyzes Tax Loopholes for Hedge Funds Managers in New York Times Article

New York (May 14, 2014) – Today The New York Times published and featured a regular Dealbook column by University of San Diego (USD) School of Law Professor of Law Victor Fleischer titled, "Why Hedge Funds Don’t Worry About Carried Interest Tax Rules." The article discusses how hedge funds managers go beyond carried interest to shelter enormous incomes.

Carried interest is a share of the profits of an investment or investment fund that is paid to the investment manager in excess of the amount that the manager contributes to the partnership. In the case of a private equity or venture capital fund, the investors make long-term investments that last more than one year. Thus, when the investment is sold at a profit, the income flows through to investors and managers as long-term capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income.

"Hedge fund managers don’t use the carried interest tax loophole," said Fleischer in his article. "They need something more exotic."

Congress has closed tax loopholes over the years and is now discussing ways to close the carried interest loophole. Fleischer's article lays out the steps hedge funds managers have taken to find creative ways to continue to shelter income and pay less in taxes.

"So no matter what happens with the carried interest tax legislation, the chess match between tax collectors and fund managers will continue."

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About Professor Fleischer

Victor Fleischer teaches and writes in the areas of partnership and corporate taxation, deals, tax policy and private equity. He was the ninth most cited tax law professor among U.S. law schools from 2005 to 2009 per Brian Leiter’s Scholarly Impact Study.

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