Parking, Trams and Security


Given limited parking availability on campus, you should provide specific parking directions to your guests.

You may submit an online request to reserve parking spaces in the Mission Parking Structure, West Parking Structure or IPJ South Lot. You may either reserve the spots in your guests’ names or reserve a block of spots for your event to be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Instruct your guests to stop at the applicable entry kiosk for a permit or arrange for printable e-permits and email them to your guests in advance of your event.

If you expect more than 50 guests at your event, you may submit an online request for a sign at one or both campus entrances directing your guests to the appropriate parking lot.


The University tram schedule is available online. You may also reserve a special event tram (minimum hourly fees apply). If you are expecting a large crowd or your guests will need assistance (for example, walking up the hill to your event venue from the West Parking Structure), a special event tram may be beneficial. You may also reserve trams for transport of guests to off-campus events. Submit any special event tram requests online.


Public Safety officers and guards are available should you need crowd control or parking lot guards. Minimum hourly fees apply.


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