Guests and Speakers


The law school utilizes a web-based event management system (pdf) to streamline registrations and collect registration fees, if applicable. Event Services or the Office of Communications may provide you with more information.

Hotel and Travel

The university has arrangements with select local hotels for discounted rates and direct billing. Contact Event Services for additional information. The university also offers some on-campus accommodations. Contact Hospitality Services to see if on-campus accommodations are available for your guests.

The university follows strict policies with respect to reimbursement of travel expenses. You should clearly communicate these policies (pdf), before any expenses are incurred, to speakers and other guests for whom you offer to reimburse expenses. Event Services can provide you with a sample communication to external parties highlighting the most commonly applicable reimbursement policies.

Request the Dean’s Participation at Your Event

If you would like the dean to speak or be a guest at your event, complete the online request form. Be as specific as possible in terms of talking points, times needed and event logistics.

Inviting Speakers

Prior to inviting any public figure or planning an event with a controversial issue, you must consult with both the law school Office of Communications and the university Office of Public Affairs. You should also consider Public Safety involvement.


Event Services
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