Endowment FAQ

Q: How can I contribute to the endowment?

A: You can contribute online or contact the Office of Development and Donor Relations at (619) 260-4692 for more information.

If you make a gift online, be sure to select “Endowment Campaign Fund” as your giving option.

Q: What is an endowment?

A: Donations made to the university with the understanding that the “capital” or “principal” amount of the donation will be invested with only the investment earnings or income used to support the school's academic program or other activities specified by the donor.

Q: How does an endowment help the law school?

A: Over time, an endowment grows in value through sound investment and provides a major source of supplemental income to help reduce dependence on tuition income. An endowment also makes it possible to sustain long-term investments in financial aid and loan repayment assistance and hiring additional staff in critical areas such as Career Services, in addition to making enhancements to facilities and technology services and expanding course offerings and clinical programs.

Q: Will my donation be used to the support the law school only?

A: Yes, your donation will be applied specifically to the law school's endowment fund.

Q: What is the minimum gift amount required to create a named endowment fund?

A: The minimum donation is $50,000. This can be a single donation from an individual or couple or an accumulation of donations from multiple individuals who have decided to create an endowment fund together. For example, the class of ‘75 has raised more than $250,000 to establish a professorship at the law school.

Q: I am not able to donate $50,000, so will my gift really make a difference?

A: Yes! Most of our alumni and friends are not in a position to donate a major gift, but any gift from you combined with those from others will contribute to the growth of the law school's general endowment fund.


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