Donor Profiles

David S. and Lisa CaseyDavid S. Casey '74, senior partner with Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield, LLP, and his wife, Lisa, are donating $250,000 to establish the David S. Casey Trial Advocacy Scholarship, which will be awarded annually to one or more law students showing promise in trial advocacy activities and/or class work.

Steven J. ParsonsSteven J. Parsons '75 recently pledged $50,000 to the endowment campaign, creating the Kimberly D. and Steven J. Parsons Endowment Fund. Parson's commented on making his gift, "I thought it was important to create this endowment because I am very appreciative that the law school took a chance on me."

Virginia NelsonVirginia Nelson '79 donated $50,000 to the Lou Kerig Endowed Scholarship in honor of one of her favorite law school professors and mentors and another $50,000 to create and endow the Virginia C. Nelson Graduation Prize in Advanced Advocacy.

Dennis J. DoucetteDennis J. Doucette '86, partner at Luce Forward, is donating $50,000 to establish an endowment fund to be used at the discretion of the dean of the law school to address the highest priorities and needs of the school.

Shelley and Richard A. BayerRichard A. Bayer ‘83, executive vice president and general counsel of The Macerich Company, and his wife, Shelley, have donated $50,000 to establish the Richard A. Bayer Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will be awarded annually to a first-year, evening student who earns the highest grade in property law.


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Endowment Campaign Major Donors

Clayton Anderson '76
Richard Bartell '75
Richard Bayer '83
Alan Brubaker '76
John Carson '88
Michael Connor ‘96
David Casey '74
Bert Degheri BA '61
Professor Michael Devitt
Dennis Doucette '86
Stephen Doyle '84
Thompson Fetter '67
John Forry
Professor Hugh Friedman &
   Hon. Lynn Schenk '70
Gordon Gerson '76
Susan '86 &
   Jerry Gonick LLMT '84
Kenneth Heller '94
Linden Root Dickinson
   John Henkel '77
Steven Hunsicker ‘75
Michael Kaplan '72
Harri Keto ‘76
James Krause '75
Stanley Legro
James Marinos ‘58
Jack McGrory ‘81
Gerald McMahon '64
Robert Nagata '70
Leah Nathanson
Virginia Nelson '79
Steven Parsons '75
Herbert Peterfreund Estate
Deborah '84 &
   Michael Rider '83
San Diego District Attorney
Gary Schons '76
Vern Schooley '66
Professor Alan Schulman
Brian Seltzer '77
Susanne Stanford '75
Jeffrey Thomas '82