Donald A. Dripps

Warren Distinguished Professor of Law

  • JD, 1983, University of Michigan
  • BA, 1980, Northwestern University

Areas of Expertise

Professor Dripps teaches and writes in the areas of administrative law, criminal procedure, evidence and criminal law.

Professional Experience

Dripps clerked for the Honorable Amalya Kears of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City. He was an assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Law, a visiting professor at Duke University School of Law, a visiting professor at Cornell University Law School and the James Annenberg Levee Professor of Criminal Procedure at the University of Minnesota Law School. He joined the USD School of Law faculty in 2004.

Honors and Affiliations

Dripps was editor-in-chief of the Michigan Law Review and is a member of the Order of the Coif.

Key Works

Dripps' publications include "Responding to the Challenges of Contextual Change and Legal Dynamism in Interpreting the Fourth Amendment" in 81 Mississippi Law Journal 133 (2011); "Recreational Drug Regulation: A Plea for Responsibility" in 2009 Utah Law Journal 118 (2009); "The Fourteenth Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the (First) Criminal Procedure Revolution” in 18 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 469 (2009); "Is the Miranda Caselaw Really Inconsistent? A Proposed Fifth Amendment Synthesis” in 17 Constitutional Commentary 19 (2000); "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: The Case for an 'Ex Ante' Parity Standard" in 88 The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 242 (1997) and "Police, Plus Perjury, Equals Polygraphy" in 86 The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 693 (1996).

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