Energy Law and Policy Clinic

The Energy Policy Initiatives Center sponsors the Energy Law and Policy Clinic, a unique opportunities for USD Law students to work in partnership with a related state agency to conduct legal research on a topical issue.  The Energy Law and Policy Clinic seeks to match a small group of students (3-6) that have taken Energy Law and Policy or Climate Law with a state agency to conduct legal research on a real-time issue.  Students interact periodically with agency staff and develop a legal memo or similar report to present to the agency at the end of the semester.  The last two years the Clinic was offered, students traveled to Sacramento to present their findings to a group of agency staff. 

Examples of recent Clinics are listed below:

  • Spring 2013: Students conducted research related to energy data for the California Energy Commission.
  • Spring 2012: Students conducted research related to appliance standards for the California Energy Commission.
  • Spring 2011: Students conducted research for the California Energy Commission relating to authority and permitting requirements for siting thermal power plants in California.
  • Spring 2010: USD Law student worked in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) Legal Division to determine whether existing statutes and regulations could afford renewable energy any advantage to access transmission lines.
  • Spring 2009: USD Law students worked in collaboration with the California Air Resources Board's Chief Counsel to conduct legal research into a specific legal question related to auctioning allowances in a cap-and-trade scheme.
  • Spring 2008: USD Law students conducted research for an administrative law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission related to the reinstatement of direct access in California, which allows customers to purchase electricity from a company other than their incumbent utility.

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