EPIC Seeks Project Manager for Climate Education Project

EPIC is hiring a Project Manager (Job IRC8863) supports the Project Director in overall project management for a complex, five-year National Science Foundation project related to Climate Change education. The primary functions of this position are to (1) support Project Director in development and implementation of an overall management plan; (2) Support the Project Director in managing operational aspects of project, (3) support Project Director in developing and submitting all required progress report; on behalf of the Project Director, the Project Manager will also (4) manage communications and organize meetings with external advisory boards; (5) support project team with management of media relations; (6) support Project Leadership Team and project activity leads with logistical support and completion of required project activities; (7) develop and complete project activities, where appropriate; (8) support project team members in development of proposals, required documentation, and presentations; and, (9) supervise project assistant(s) to complete tasks and activities that support project management and project activities.


To apply for this position, see the USD Job Postings Website.