EPIC Releases RFP for Net Energy Metering Study

San Diego Net Energy Metering Study

The Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) seeks technical consulting services from companies and organizations with experience in analyzing the costs and benefits of net energy metering (NEM).  

The study’s objectives include developing a transparent methodology to determine and quantify the costs and benefits created by net-energy metered solar photovoltaics to the electric system at different levels of penetration (measured as a percentage of total energy consumption and/or peak demand) and determining whether a subsidy and/or cost shift exists between ratepayers as a result of NEM and the magnitude of any subsidy or cost shift.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 pm on 5-21-12. Download a copy of the full Request for Proposals at our website www.sandiego.edu/epic/research_reports/other.php#NEMStudy