Governor Brown Signs Energy Bills

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the following energy-related bills today. 

  • AB 693 (Huffman) Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority
  • AB 1124 (Skinner ) Habitability Requirements And Energy Program Eligibility
  • AB 1255 (Pérez) Renewable Energy Planning Grants For Counties
  • AB 1900 (Gatto) Biogas Rules
  • AB 2165 (Hill) Fuel Cell Eligibility Under Net Energy Metering
  • AB 2187 (Bradford) Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Contract Dates
  • AB 2196 (Chesbro) Renewable Fuel Eligibility For Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • AB 2227 (Bradford) Municipal Utility Energy Reporting To CEC
  • AB 2249 (Buchanan) Solar Water Heating And Efficiency Act Of 2007
  • AB 2339 (Williams) Geothermal Heat Pump In CEC Integrated Energy Policy Report
  • AB 2514 (Bradford) Net Energy Metering Study
  • SB 594 (Wolk) Aggregating Meters Under Net Energy Metering
  • SB 1066 (Lieu) Coastal Resources And Climate Change
  • SB 1122 (Rubio) Biomass And Biogas Projects
  • SB 1207 (Fuller) California Alternate Rates for Energy Program
  • SB 1222 (Leno) Permitting Of Distributed Solar Energy
  • SB 1268 (Pavley) Energy Conservation Assistance Act Of 1979 Extension
  • SB 1332 (Negrete McLeod) Municipal Utility Feed-In Tariffs

The Governor has vetoed the following bills:

  • AB 796 (Blumenfield) Energy Loan Guarantees
  • AB 976 (Hall) Community Choice Aggregation Consulting Services
  • SB 1537 (Kehoe) Transparent And Stable Rates For Renewable Energy

For more information on these and other bills being considerd in the 2011-12 legislative session, see the EPIC Legislative Center.

View the Governor's press release