Clinic Practical Skills

In addition to learning about a specific energy or climate related issue, students who take the Energy Law and Policy Clinic also learn a range of practical skills, including the following:

  • Legal Research and Analysis - This includes both learning the subject area and researching the problem.
  • Legal Writing - Students learn about document drafting techniques both when working individually and as a group.
  • Editing Processes - Students learn the multiple stages of editing to ensure creation of a high-quality work product.
  • Client Relations - By taking the lead on client relations, students learn skills related to client management, client communication, and management of client expectations.
  • Legal Ethics - Students learn about ethical issues when communicating with a client and/or third parties, confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, and ethical Issues involving data management and electronic communications.
  • Group Collaboration and Project Management - Students work together to conduct research, draft documents, communicate with the client, and manage the overall clinic process.
  • Legally Based Problem Solving -Student learn methods used by practitioners to identify, research, discuss, and resolve the various legal problems tackled by the clinic.
  • Oral Presentation/Advocacy - Students present their research to the client and are required to answer questions and defend/explain their reasoning and positions.


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