Lynne L. Dallas

Professor of Law

  • JD, 1975, Harvard University
  • BA, 1972, University of Rochester

Areas of Expertise

Professor Dallas teaches and writes in the areas of corporations, comparative corporation law, law and socioeconomics, and securities regulation.

Professional Experience

A nationally recognized corporate governance scholar, Dallas practiced with Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City and taught law at the University of Miami and American University. She presented papers at international conferences in Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Melbourne and Vancouver, and taught courses in Paris and Florence. Also known for her groundbreaking work in law and socio-economics, Dallas has written important articles on Enron and the financial crisis as well as the first law school textbook on law and socio-economics. She is renowned for her interdisciplinary articles on corporate boards of directors and on other corporate law subjects. Dallas joined the USD School of Law faculty in 1987.

Honors and Affiliations

Dallas is a founding member of the Women’s Corporate Law Professor Group and the Law and Socioeconomics section of the Association of American Law Schools. The University of San Diego has honored her teaching and scholarship, twice as the Herzog Endowed Scholar (1999-00, 2008-09) and once as the University Professor (2002-03).

Key Works

Dallas’ publications include Law and Public Policy: A Socioeconomic Approach (Carolina Academic Press, 2005); "Law and Socio-Economics in Legal Education" in 55 Rutgers Law Review 855 (2003); "A Preliminary Inquiry into the Responsibility of Corporations and Their Directors and Officers for Corporate Climate: The Psychology of Enron's Demise" in 35 Rutgers Law Journal 1 (2003); "The New Managerialism and Diversity on Corporate Boards of Directors" in 76 Tulane Law Review 1363 (2002); "The Control and Conflicts of Interest Voting Systems" in 71 North Carolina Law Review 1 (1992); and "Two Models of Corporate Governance: Beyond Berle and Means" in 22 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 104 (1988).

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