Center for Corporate and Securities Law

The Center for Corporate and Securities Law helps enrich scholarly and popular debate on a wide range of issues related to corporate governance, financial regulation and other business law topics. The center hosts academic and public conferences, publishes papers and discussions from those conferences, provides point-of-contact for popular and business media on issues of broad public interest, supports faculty and student research, and sponsors public lectures.


Frank Partnoy
George E. Barrett Professor
of Law and Finance

Adjunct Faculty Members

Randall Baron
Visiting Fellow

Koji Fukumura
Visiting Fellow

Robert Jafek
Research Fellow

Faculty Members

Jordan M. Barry
Assistant Professor

Lynne Dallas
Professor of Law

Stephen C. Ferruolo
Dean and
Professor of Law

Victor Fleischer
Professor of Law

Alan Schulman

Thomas A. Smith
Professor of Law

Mary Jo Wiggins
Vice Dean and
Professor of Law

Christopher Wonnell
Professor of Law


Center for Corporate Securities Law
Guadalupe Hall, Room 202b