Instructions for Use

Registering for Symplicity

To register for Symplicity, please email Career and Professional Development or call (619) 260-4529

Once you have registered, you must complete your personal profile.  Click on the second tab entitled “Profile.”  Your personal information will appear.  To change your password, go to the tab marked “Change Password.”

Two important notes about Symplicity

  1. Moving through Symplicity.  As you maneuver through this website, do not use your internet browser’s “back” or “forward” buttons.  Rather use the “back” or “return” buttons provided to navigate within Symplicity.
  2. You must use your USD email account. Symplicity requires you to use your USD issued email account.  Symplicity treats non-school accounts as spam and will only contact you through your USD account. Therefore, you are responsible for checking that account regularly and making sure that there is enough space on your USD account to receive incoming emails.  Also, make sure you have sufficient space to receive email before registering, or you will not receive notification of your unique password and will not be able to log on.


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Evening appointments available upon request.

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