Symplicity is the industry-leading online recruiting tool maintained by Career and Professional Development.  Symplicity provides our students with easy access to job listings, recruiting programs, job fairs, professional networking, mock interview programs and calendar. Most law schools in the country use Symplicity because of its capabilities and ease of use.

Job Listings

Job listings for students and graduates are often received daily and posted online via Symplicity. Positions include local, regional and nationwide listings with government agencies, courts, law firms and public interest employers.

Recruiting Programs

Each year, employers participate in USD Fall and Spring Recruiting, and interview students either on- or off-campus. These employers represent law firms, government agencies and public interest entities nationwide. USD Fall and Spring Recruiting are run entirely through Symplicity.

Job Fairs

Career and Professional Development participates in specialty practice, minority, public interest and government job fairs nationwide. Please note that each job fair requires its own separate log-in information and may be managed through other organizations’ Symplicity sites.

Customized Professional Profile and Calendar

Students maintain a customized professional profile on Symplicity, which allows Career Services to better advise them regarding recruiting events and prospective employers. Also, students may use Symplicity’s calendar feature to schedule career advising appointments and manage their time and interview schedules.

Professional Network Directory

The Professional Network Directory is a compilation of USD Law alumni who have agreed to speak with students and fellow graduates about career issues. (You should ask these lawyers for advice, not simply employment.) Using this private network, students and alumni can search for connections in specific practice areas and regions, identify potential mentors and expand your professional contacts. Alumni can share valuable information about their careers and lend insight and advice about the cities where they work and live. To access the Professional Network Directory on Symplicity, after logging on, click on the “Networking” tab. You can then search the Directory by geographic area, practice area, or alphabetically.

Mock Interview Programs 

Career and Professional Development encourages all students to participate in mock interviews. Each year, Career and Professional Development hosts two mock interview programs that are managed through Symplicity. The Alumni Mock Interview Program is held in January. All students are encouraged to participate, particularly first year law students to prepare for their first legal interviews in the spring. The Fall Mock Interview Program is held each fall just before Fall Recruiting, and assists students fine-tune their interviewing skills. Individual mock interviews with a Career Advisor are available year-round.

Students who believe that an employer listed on the USD School of Law Career Services Job Listings website has violated the USD Policy of Non-Discrimination should immediately notify the director of Career Services.


Job Listings

USD posts alumni job opportunities on a web-based job database called “Symplicity.” Symplicity allows alumni to access and view job opportunities at any time and from any location with Internet access. On Symplicity you will find listings for positions in San Diego, other areas of California, across the U.S. and internationally.

To view the job postings on USD's Symplicity database, you must be a graduate of USD School of Law's Juris Doctor or LLM programs.  If you are, you may obtain access by emailing with your name as it appears on your degree, the year you graduated, and state “Symplicity Instructions” in the subject line of the email.  Once we confirm your alumni status, we will respond with instructions on how to register for Symplicity. 

To assist you in your job search, the University of San Diego also provides the Torero Network, a comprehensive directory of alumni of the university.  In addition, you may obtain a USD email address if you don’t already have one. To obtain a USD email address, simply click on the Alumni Relations link below and register for the "Torero Network." You may then sign up for a USD email address which may prove helpful when networking with fellow alumni. You may also sign up for an email forwarding service that will automatically forward messages sent to your USD email address to another email address of your choosing.


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