Spring Recruiting Guide

Spring Recruiting Timeline
Setting Up Symplicity for Spring Recruiting
Reviewing Employers and Submitting Applications
Interview Selection Process

Spring Recruiting Timeline

December/Winter Break:  Review the Spring Recruiting Guidelines here. Prepare your resume, cover letter, and other application materials (see the Resume and Cover Letter Guides in the Symplciity Document Library).
January 12, 2017:  Attend the Spring Recruiting Info Session at noon or 4:30 p.m.
January 13, 2017:  Spring Recruiting listings go Live on Symplicity.
January 23, 2017 at 5 p.m.Deadline to upload documents and apply for Spring Recruiting positions.
February 13 - 24, 2017:  Spring Recruiting on campus interviews take place.

Setting Up Symplicity for Spring Recruiting

  1. Register on USD's Symplicity system.
    You will use this system to review listings, upload your application materials, apply for positions, and select interview times. Symplicity registration instructions are available by emailing lawcareers@sandiego.edu.

    During initial registration enter the following:

    Username:  Your USD email address
    Password:   "usdstudent"

    Note: Career and Professional Development will communicate with you through Symplicity which uses your USD account. You are responsible for checking your USD email account regularly and always ensuring that it has enough room to receive emails!

  2. Agree to Spring Recruiting Policies.
    Once you have registered and completed your profile, log-on to Symplicity. You will not be able to view the list of participating employers until you:
    1. Click on the "OCI" tab at top of the home page. before you click on "OCI" you will be automatically directed to review the Spring
      Recruiting "Interview Attendance & Cancellation" and "Representations in Job Application Materials" Policies and "Spring Recruiting Release Agreement." You must agree that you will abide by these policies to participate in the 2017 Alumni Mock Interview Program. You will also be held to these policies if you participate in 2017 Spring Recruiting.
    2. Carefully review each policy and indicate you agree by checking the applicable box.
    3. Click submit.
    4. Click on the "OCI" tab again.
    5. Determine whether to participate in the 2017 Alumni Mock Interview Program. When you initially open the OCI tab, the "Session" line will read "2017 Alumni Mock Interview Program." This program is exceptionally well-received and recommended by our participating students. Review the 2017 Alumni Mock Interview Participation and Cancellation Policy for instructions on how to participate.
    6. Return to the "OCI" tab and click the downward arrow to the right of the session line to see the three types of employers participating in Spring Recruiting. You should apply to employers in all three of these categories. If you limit your application only to those listed under "Spring 2017 On Campus" you will severely limit your chances of finding a great position.

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Reviewing Employers and Submitting Applications

  1. Spring 2017 Employers
    There are three types of employers participating in Spring Recruiting
    1. On Campus Employers: Click on the "session" drop down menu on the top left side of the screen and select "2017 Spring On Campus."  On Campus Employers will interview students at USD.  To see additional information on a particular employer, click the "Review" icon on the far left.  This link will provide the employer's hiring criteria, the application requirements, and the date of the interview.
    2. Resume Collect Employers: Click on the "Session" drop down menu and select "2017 Spring Resume Collect."  Career and Professional Development will collect applications for these employers and deliver them to the employer in one package. The employers will then contact selected students directly to set up interviews at their offices.
    3. Write Directly Employers: Click on the "Session" drop down menu and select "2017 Spring Write Directly." These employers request that interested students send their application materials directly to them.  These employers will contact selected students to set up interviews.
  2. Uploading your Application Materials.
    1. Go to the "Documents" tab. In this section you may upload your resume, cover letter and any other requested application materials.
    2. Click "Add New" to upload documents, giving each a separate name in the "Label" field.
    3. Indicate the document type and hit "Browse" to select the document you wish to upload.
      1. You may find it convenient to always keep a default resume, transcript and writing sample saved in your "Documents" section at all times.
      2. If you subsequently alter any resume, remove the old resume before uploading the revised resume to Symplicity.
      3. Symplicity only allows twenty active documents on the system at one time. However, the system creates a permanent copy of your application after you hit "Apply" for a resume collect or on-campus opportunity. Therefore, feel free to delete a previously submitted cover letter or resume from your "Documents" section without worrying that the document will be deleted from your prior application or bid. If you would like to verify that the correct document is uploaded to a particular employer, you can view the materials for each employer separately, even after deleting the documents from your "Document" section.
    4. Unofficial Transcripts
      1. If an employer requests an unofficial transcript, you can submit either (a) a scanned copy of your actual transcript or (b) a copy of your grades from your MySanDiego account. If a Write Directly employer requests an unofficial transcript, you may send a copy of your transcript or grade sheet.
      2. Employers may request an official transcript later in the selection process if they would like to confirm your grades.
  3. Submitting Applications
    Each employer has its own hiring criteria and application requirements. Please ensure that you meet these criteria and comply with the application instructions for each employer.
    1. To apply to an OCI or Resume Collect employer:
      1. Click the "Apply" button to the right of the employer's name. If you only have one document uploaded and the employer only requests one document the button to the right will indicate that you have applied.
      2. Select your Documents. If you have multiple documents uploaded to your account, you will be asked to select and upload your documents.  On the right hand side of your screen, you should select which document(s) you would like to upload.
      3. Hit the "Update" button each time you upload a new document. If you do not submit a requested document for an On Campus or Resume Collection position, the system will not complete your submission for that employer.
      4. Once you have taken these steps, you have applied for the position, and you do not need to take any further steps.
    2. To Apply to a Write Directly Employer: Do not use the Symplicity database to submit your application. Follow the instructions provided and send your materials directly to the employer as requested.

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Interview Selection Process

  1. After You Apply
    1. "Pending" and "Accept Preselect" Designations: After the application deadline, the word "Pending" will appear in the invitation status column next to the OCI positions for which you applied. If an employer selects you for an interview, the invitation status will change to "Accept Preselect." Career and Professional Development will send a weekly email noting which On-Campus Employers have made their interview selections. If you receive an email stating an employer has made its selections and the invitation selection column next to that employer continues to read "Pending," you can assume that you have not been selected for an interview.
    2. Selection Notification:
      1. Email Notification: If you are selected for an On-Campus interview, the Career and Professional Development Office will send an email to your USD email address stating (1) the name of the employer that selected you for an interview; (2) the date of the on-campus interview; and (3) the deadline by which you must log on to Symplicity to select an interview time.
      2. Rolling Notifications: Employers will select interview candidates at different times during Spring Recruiting. Accordingly, you will not receive notification of all on campus interview selections at one time. Instead, you must check your email account daily for new notifications throughout the months of February and early March for selection notifications. Clear your inbox regularly to avoid bounce back emails from a full inbox.
  2. Selecting an Interview Time. If you are selected for an On-Campus interview, take the following steps:
    1. Log on to Symplicity:
    2. Click on "OCI" to retrieve a list of all on campus employers.  Scroll down to the employer(s) that invited you to interview.
    3. Click "Accept Preselect" next to the employer.  A list of interview times will appear.
    4. Select interview time and click the "Sign Up" button.
      1. Interview slots are released on a first-come, first-served basis. Log on to Symplicity as soon as possible to select from the greatest number of available interview times.
      2. You must select an available interview time from the list, even if none of the options is convenient for you. Career and Professional Development cannot ask an employer to accommodate your schedule by adding additional interview slots.
      3. If you are selected by more than one employer interviewing on the same day, Symplicity will not allow you to select consecutive interview slots.
      4. If you do not select an interview time by the deadline, an interview time will be selected for you. If an interview time is assigned to you, you will receive a call alerting you of the interview. You are required to attend this interview even if the time is not convenient for you.
    5. Email Confirmation: After selecting an interview time, you will receive an email confirming your interview date and time 24 hours prior to your scheduled interview.
    6. Interview List: To see a list of your upcoming interviews, log on to Symplicity.  Click the "OCI" tab and then click the "Scheduled Interviews" tab.

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