How to Participate in the Fall Recruiting Program

There are two parts to USD’s Fall Recruiting Program:
Symplicity Based Opportunities
Government Based Opportunities

Symplicity-Based Opportunities

  1. Register on Symplicity: We use the web-based Symplicity system for the Fall Recruiting Program. You will use Symplicity to review listings, upload your application materials, apply for positions, and select interview times.
    Complete Symplicity registration instructions are available online.

    When registering, enter:

    Username: USD email account*
    Password:  “usdstudent”  (initial password)

    *Career and Professional Development will communicate with you regarding Fall Recruiting through your USD email account.  You are responsible for checking your USD email account regularly and always ensuring that it has enough room to receive emails!

  2. Complete the Summer Survey and Agree to Fall Recruiting Policies:
    1. Click on the “OCI” Tab -- This takes you to the “Evaluations” tab.
    2. On this page, click “Add New”. This will bring up the summer survey.
    3. Complete the summer survey.
    4. Agree to the Interview Attendance & Cancellation Policy, the Representations in Job Application Materials Policy, and Recruiting Release by checking off the applicable boxes on the survey.  It is important that you carefully review and understand these policies.  Once you agree to these policies you will be able to view participating employers when you return to the OCI tab. 
    5. Click Submit.
  3. Review Fall 2016 Employers:
    1. After registering and completing your profile, you may log into Symplicity. 
    2. Click on the “OCI” tab.
    3. Click on the “Session” drop down box.  You are defaulted to only see the Fall Mock Interview Program.  Look through all of the “sessions” to see all of the employers (click the downward arrow to the right of the session box).  There are six sessions:
      • Fall 2016 Mock Interview Program
      • Fall 2016 OCI - Round 1
      • Fall 2016 OCI - Round 2
      • Fall 2016 Resume Collect - Round 1
      • Fall 2016 Resume Collect - Round 2
      • Fall 2016 Write Directly
    4. Click the “Review” or “Apply” button to view the corresponding employer’s job description and application instructions.
  4. Upload your Application Materials: 
    1. Go to the “Documents” tab
    2. Click “Add New”.
    3. Name the document (where it says “Label”) in the new screen. You may upload employer-specific resumes, as long as you give each resume a separate “label.”
    4. Indicate the document type as prompted, and then hit “Browse” to select the document you wish to upload.
    5. Hit the “Submit” button each time you upload a new document.
    6. If you subsequently alter a resume, remove the old resume version and upload the revised resume onto Symplicity. 
    7. Note:  You can only store twenty documents on Symplicity at one time, however, Symplicity creates a permanent copy of documents previously submitted to an employer after you hit “Apply.”  Therefore, you may delete previously submitted cover letters and resumes from your “Documents” section without deleting the document from a prior application and can still view submitted materials after deletion.
  5. Unofficial Transcripts:
    1. You can request a copy of your transcript from the Registrar and scan it to pdf.
    2. Alternatively, you can log into your MySanDiego account and print your grade page to pdf.  If you do not have a pdf writer, you may use our computers in the Career and Professional Development Office.
    3. Save and upload pdf file.
  6. Apply to OCI & Resume Collect Employers: 
    1. Review and comply with the application instructions for each employer. 
    2. Click the “Apply” button to the right of an employer listing.
      1. Select and upload the appropriate document on a review page.  Hit “Update” after each upload.
      2. If you do not submit a required application document, the system will not complete your submission for that employer.
    3. Once you have taken these steps, you have applied for the position and do not need to take any further actions.
  7. Apply to Write Directly Employers:  If you would like to apply for a Write Directly employer, you will not apply using the Symplicity database.  Follow the instructions on the posting and send your materials directly to the employer as requested.
  8. Accepting & Scheduling On-Campus Interviews
    • “Pending” & “Accept Preselect” Designations:  After the application deadline, you will see the word “Pending” in the invitation status column next to the OCI positions for which you applied.  If an employer selects you for an interview, the invitation status will change to “Accept Preselect.”  Career and Professional Development will send a weekly email noting which On-Campus employers have selected candidates.  If an employer has made its selections but the invitation selection column next to that employer continues to read “Pending,” you can assume you have not been selected for an interview.  
    • On-Campus Interview Time slot Selection Procedures:
      1. Notification: If you are selected for an On-Campus interview, Symplicity will send an email to your USD email address stating: (1) the name of the employer that selected you for an interview (2) the date and location of the interview; and (3) the deadline by which you must log on to Symplicity to select an interview time. Note:  Because employers select interview candidates at different times, you will not receive notification of all of your On-Campus interviews at one time.  Check your email account daily during the fall recruiting season to ensure you receive all emails sent by Career and Professional Development and Symplicity.  Clear your inbox regularly to ensure messages do not bounce back due to a full inbox.
      2. Select Interview Time:
        1. If you are selected for an interview, log onto Symplicity.
        2. Click on “OCI.”  The list of On-Campus employers will appear.
        3. Scroll down to the employer(s) that invited you to interview and click “Accept Preselect”, which is located next to the applicable employer.  A list of available interview times will appear. 
        4. Select an interview time from the list and click the “Sign Up” button.  Symplicity will send an email confirming your interview date and time 24 hours prior to your scheduled interview.
    • Interview Time Selection Tips:
      • Interview slots are released on a first-come, first-served basis; log on to Symplicity as soon as possible to ensure interview time flexibility. 
      • You must select an interview time from those available even if none of the times are convenient for you.  Career and Professional Development cannot ask an employer to accommodate your schedule by adding additional interview slots.
      • If you are selected by more than one employer interviewing on the same day, Symplicity will not allow you to select consecutive interview slots, as interviews often run late.
      • If you do not select an interview time by the deadline, an interview time will be selected for you and you will receive a call alerting you of the scheduled interview.  The Interview Attendance and Cancellation Policy requires you to attend this interview even if the time is not convenient for you. 
      • If you would like to see a list of your upcoming interviews, you may do so by logging on to Symplicity, clicking on the “OCI” tab and clicking on the “Scheduled Interviews” sub-tab.   

Government Based Opportunities

  • Government Honors and Internship Handbook Opportunities: Each year, Career and Professional Development purchases the most recent edition of the Government Honors and Internship Handbook, the leading guide for summer and post-graduate government opportunities. (A link to the Government Honors and Internship Handbook can be found under the Announcements section of the Symplicity Home tab.)
  • Why Apply?  Most government positions are part of well-structured, annual recruiting programs through which you will receive excellent training, supervision, and observational opportunities, much like an associate orientation at a large law firm. Similarly, these are prestigious opportunities. Unlike large law firms which nearly always require outstanding law school grades, however, government employers will also consider practical legal and life experience, as well as commitment to public service. Accordingly, government opportunities may be a strong vehicle for students without top grades to gain valued experience and lateral in to large law firms.  
  • Honors Programs Hiring Timeline: Many federal government agencies hire first-year attorneys only pursuant to Honors Program participation. An Honors Program is a one to three year prestigious attorney position with a government agency.  Many Honors Program participants rotate through different agency departments and are given the opportunity to stay with the agency permanently or move to the private sector or other government agencies.
  • Apply early even though stated deadlines might be later: We recommend that you apply for all federal government positions by August 31, 2016. Last year, many government agencies stopped accepting applications early and without advance notice due to an exceedingly high volume of applications. This is just another indication that during this fall recruiting season you will need to apply early and broadly.
  • The listings for the 2016-17 Government Handbook will not be available until early August, however, you should begin your research now by reviewing the 2015-16 edition and wait to apply until we receive the updated 2016-17 version. Historically, the positions and application procedures for Government Handbook opportunities do not change much from year to year but make sure to check the revised government listings before applying.  In early August, check your Symplicity homepage for the 2016-17 Government Handbook and login information.
  • USAJOBS.GOV:  This website is the official jobsite of the United States Federal Government.  In addition to listing job openings with the federal government, this site provides a wealth of information, including information about federal hiring trends.  This website can be used as a supplement to the Government Handbook.
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