Fall Recruiting Guide for 3Ls, 4LEs & LLMs

  1. Overview

    1. Why should a 3L/4LE/LLM participate in Fall Recruiting?
    2. What types of positions are available for 3L/4LE/LLM candidates?
    3. What types of employers participate in On-Campus Recruiting?
    4. When will I be able to view employers participating in Fall Recruiting?
    5. How do I participate in Fall Recruiting?
    6. What are the deadlines for the Fall Recruiting Program?
    7. To which positions should I apply?
    8. What Should I Keep in Mind as a 3L/4LE/LL.M. Candidate?
  2. Steps to Take Before and During the Recruiting Season

    1. Review Your Materials and Be Prepared
    2. Use the Jobs tab on Symplicity
  3. How to Participate in the Fall Recruiting Program

    1. Symplicity Based Opportunities
    2. Government Based Opportunities
  4. Review the USD School of Law Policies

    1. Non-Discrimination Policy
    2. Military Recruiting Notice
    3. Interview Attendance and Cancellation Policy
    4. Representations in Job Application Materials Policy
    5. Recruiting Release Form
  5. Read the NALP Guidelines


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