Corporate Counsel Internship Program

Eligibility Criteria


The proposed externship opportunity must be in the legal department of a corporation or business entity. Students may also work in other departments of a corporation as long as they are supervised by an on-site licensed attorney. Students may not work in any setting where they have been employed or paid for their legal work in the past two years. Some very limited exceptions may apply. Students are limited to one semester at any placement unless the student is in a different legal department or will be receiving a novel learning experience as determined by the Director of the Externship Programs.


The student may not receive any monetary compensation for the work including, but not limited to work study, grants, stipends or awards. Students may not forgo compensation for credit.


In addition to the work component of the Program, students must be supervised by an on-site licensed attorney and the program’s externship director or a faculty supervisor who closely monitors and regularly corresponds with students throughout the semester. Faculty supervisors will review samples of students’ written work, assess their externship progress, and determine course grades.



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