Class Reunion Committees

During the annual Law Alumni Weekend, classes celebrate their anniversary years on a five-year cycle. For each anniversary year class, at least two class members are recruited to promote class participation at Alumni Weekend and to garner support for their class by encouraging their classmates to contribute to the Law Annual Fund. The class agents work with the Office of Alumni Relations to achieve the goals for the Annual Fund and the Law Alumni Weekend.

Class Agents

  • Assist the Development staff in designing and executing a fundraising strategy for their class.
  • Recruit other class members to serve on the planning committee and encourage their classmates to attend the Law Alumni Weekend.
  • Solicit their classmates throughout the year either personally or by signing a solicitation letter(s) asking for support of the Law Annual Fund.
  • Assist the Development staff with identifying members of their class that are capable of making leadership gifts.
  • Set an example for their classmates by making their own gift to the Law Annual Fund.
  • Serve as an ambassador for their class by advising the Office of Alumni Relations of any information regarding classmates such as marriages, births, address changes, job promotions or other interesting information.
  • Attend the Law Alumni Weekend.


Alumni Relations
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