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For events at universities or colleges, please consult either Career Services or the Pre-Law Department at that particular institution. When the information is available to us we will hyperlink the event.

For events hosted by USD or the WCC, please email for additional event details and registration information.

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September 6, 2014LSAC NewcomersColin Paterson
September 10, 2014DC Law FairKaren Scheer
September 22, 2014LSAC Forum - TorontoColin Paterson
October 14, 2014University of MarylandColin Paterson
October 15, 2014Drexel University Colin Paterson
October 16, 2014University of DelawareColin Paterson
October 17, 2014LSAC Forum New YorkColin Paterson
October 31, 2014Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference at Howard UniversityKaren Scheer
November 11, 2014LSAC Boston ForumColin Paterson


September 30, 2014University of Texas - El PasoJorge Garcia
October 11, 2014LSAC - Miami ForumKaren Scheer
October 20, 2014LSAC Forum Houston Jorge Garcia
October 21, 2014Texas A & MJorge Garcia
October 22, 2014Texas State San MarcosJorge Garcia
October 22, 2014University of Texas, San AntonioJorge Garcia
October 23, 2014Baylor UniversityJorge Garcia
October 23, 2014University of Texas, AustinJorge Garcia
October 24, 2014Southern Methodist University PanelJorge Garcia
October 24, 2014Texas Christian University PanelJorge Garcia
November 13, 2014Spelman CollegeJorge Garcia
November 13, 2014Emory UniversityJorge Garcia
November 14, 2014LSAC Atlanta ForumJorge Garcia
November 17, 2014University of GeorgiaJorge Garcia


September 3, 2014KU Pre-Law DayColin Paterson
September 4, 2014University of Missouri School of Law - MINK Law DayColin Paterson
September 4, 2014KSU Law FairColin Paterson
September 13, 2014LSAC Chicago ForumJorge Garcia
September 15, 2014Indiana University - BloomingtonJorge Garcia
September 17, 2014Illinois University- UrbanaColin Paterson
September 18, 2014WisconsinColin Paterson
September 23, 2014University of Michigan Law DayColin Paterson
September 24, 2014Michigan State UniversityColin Paterson
September 24, 2014University of Detroit MercyColin Paterson
September 25, 2014Notre DameJorge Garcia
October 1, 2014Ohio State UniversityColin Paterson
October 1, 2014Ohio University Law FairColin Paterson


February 15, 2014West Coast Consortium Los Angeles Law Day at USCTim Council
February 19, 2014Pomona College Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
February 22, 2014West Coast Consortium at Seattle UniversityJorge Garcia
February 23, 2014UCSB Panel Presentation Tim Council
February 25, 2014CSU Long Beach Panel PresentationTim Council
March 3, 2014CSU Fullerton Panel PresentationTim Council
March 4, 2014San Jose State Univ. Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
March 4, 2014Santa Clara University Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
March 5, 2014UC Davis Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
March 5, 2014UCSD Phi Alpha Delta Admisssions and Deans NightTim Council
March 5, 2014Sacramento State Univ. Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
March 6, 2014U. of San Francisco Panel PresentationJorge Garcia
March 17, 2014Orange County Admitted Student & Alumni ReceptionTim Council
March 18, 2014Los Angeles Admitted Student & Alumni ReceptionJorge Garcia
April 10, 2014San Diego Admitted Student & Alumni ReceptionJorge Garcia
April 28, 2014Sacramento Admitted Student & Alumni ReceptionTim Council
April 29, 2014San Francisco Admitted Student & Alumni ReceptionJorge Garcia
September 18, 2014USCJorge Garcia
September 19, 2014West Coast Consortium - Los AngelesKaren Scheer
September 20, 2014LSAC Los Angeles ForumJorge Garcia
September 23, 2014CSU Dominguez HillsJorge Garcia
September 24, 2014CSU FullertonKaren Scheer
September 25, 2014CSU Long BeachKaren Scheer
September 29, 2014CSU Northridge - Graduate and Professional School Information DayKaren Scheer
October 1, 2014New Mexico State UniversityJorge Garcia
October 2, 2014CSU San Marcos Graduate School FairKaren Scheer
October 2, 2014University of New MexicoJorge Garcia
October 7, 2014University of San FranciscoJorge Garcia
October 8, 2014UC DavisJorge Garcia
October 9, 2014UC BerkeleyJorge Garcia
October 13, 2014CSU Los Angeles Graduate and Professional School DayJorge Garcia
October 14, 2014UCLA Law ForumKaren Scheer
October 14, 2014University of San DiegoStaff
October 16, 2014San Diego State UniversityKaren Scheer
October 21, 2014Santa Clara University Law FairKaren Scheer
October 23, 2014UC Santa Cruz Graduate and Professional School FairKaren Scheer
October 27, 2014University of Colorado, BoulderColin Paterson
October 28, 2014Utah Valley UniversityColin Paterson
October 28, 2014University of Utah Law School FairColin Paterson
October 29, 2014UCLA Graduate and Professional School FairJorge Garcia
October 29, 2014Brigham Young University Law FairColin Paterson
October 30, 2014University of Arizona Colin Paterson
October 31, 2014Arizona State UniversityColin Paterson
November 3, 2014UC Irvine Law School DayJorge Garcia
November 4, 2014University of Nevada Las VegasColin Paterson
November 4, 2014UC Riverside Law School Information DayKaren Scheer
November 5, 2014UC Santa Barbara Graduate and Professional School FairKaren Scheer
November 5, 2014UC San Diego Law School FairJorge Garcia
November 7, 2014LSAC Bay Area ForumJorge Garcia
November 8, 2014WCC Law Fair - San FranciscoJorge Garcia
November 10, 2014University of OregonKaren Scheer
November 12, 2014Western Washington UniversityKaren Scheer
November 13, 2014University of WashingtonKaren Scheer

Schedule for Fall 2014

The Graduate and International Programs recruitment calendar is currently being scheduled. Events and details will be posted to the webpage once the recruitment calendar is finalized. 


JD Admissions
Warren Hall, Room 203
Phone: (619) 260-4528
Fax: (619) 260-2218


M, T, Th, F: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
W: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Graduate and International Programs
Warren Hall, Room 207
Phone: (619) 260-4596


M, T, Th, F: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
W: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.