Program Fees and Visa Information

Program Fees

Each scholar in the program will pay a fee of US $7,500 for the six-month program and US $11,250 for the twelve-month program. This fee includes participation in the program's courses and research. Each scholar will receive a USD identification card that will grant full library privileges and access to university facilities and all appropriate events. Scholars are encouraged to bring laptops and make use of the wireless service that is available throughout the law school and its Legal Research Center.

The law school cannot offer financial assistance or fee waivers for this program. In addition, the law school does not provide housing, parking, office space or secretarial assistance in connection with this program.

Visa Information

All visa status details below are subject to change to reflect modifications in U.S. Government or other applicable rules.

Each scholar in the program will require a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa. The category of J-1 Visa and associated conditions and regulations will vary depending on the program attended. The Office of Graduate and International Programs will work with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to assist each scholar in obtaining Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status).

In order to receive Form DS-2019, scholars must provide documentation in English from a bank or financial institution, proving that they have sufficient funds to pay for the program and to meet living expenses while in the United States.  If a business or agency (such as a law firm or government) is providing the financial support for the program, the scholar must submit a supporting letter in English from the organization, stating its intent to support the participant.  Scholars bringing a spouse or dependent children into the United States need to demonstrate additional funds to cover the expenses of each additional person.

For the twelve-month Program, an outline of the total costs is as follows:

2017-18 Cost of Participation: Twelve-Month Program*

Individual Scholar
Program Fee US $11,250
Living Expenses US $30,000
Total US $41,250
Individual Scholar and Spouse
Program Fee US $11,250
Living Expenses US $30,000
Living Expenses (Spouse) US $9,600
Total US $50,850
Individual Scholar and Spouse and Child
Program Fee US $11,250
Living Expenses US $30,000
Living Expenses (Spouse) US $9,600
Living Expenses (Child 1) US $3,600
Total US $54,450
Individual Scholar and Spouse and Children 
Program Fee US $11,250
Living Expenses US $30,000
Living Expenses (Spouse) US $9,600
Living Expenses (Child 1) US $3,600
Living Expenses (Child 2+: per child) US $2,400
Total US $56,850+

For the six-month program, the total costs that must be documented include the program Fee of US $7,500 plus half the living expenses listed above for each category of scholar and dependents.

*All program fees and costs are subject to change. 

Health Insurance Requirement

Federal law requires that all scholars on a J-1 Visa carry health insurance for themselves and their dependents for the duration of their program.  Scholars may elect to enroll in the USD health insurance plan, or they may use comparable plans from their home countries. All scholars must provide proof of health insurance coverage before their arrival in the United States.  At a minimum, a non-USD policy must include the following features:

  • Effective throughout the program's entire duration and renewable for continuous coverage;
  • Minimum dollar coverage per illness or injury—of at least US $100,000 (not the same as $100,000 maximum benefit);
  • Includes outpatient care (doctor visits, outpatient surgery, etc.);
  • Includes hospitalization;
  • Repatriation for at least US $25,000;
  • Medical evacuation for at least $50,000; and
  • Cost of deductible, if any (cost of deductible must not exceed $500 per accident or illness).

Willful failure on the scholar's part to maintain the required insurance will result in the termination of his/her exchange visitor status. Additional information about the health insurance requirement is available on the OISS website.


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Program Completion Ceremony:

Congratulations to our scholars!

Certificates were recently awarded to scholars who completed the 90-day program.  All scholars were sponsored by the government of South Korea and represented a large number of Ministries, Commissions, and other government agencies. They engaged in various areas of legal research under the supervision of USD law faculty. The ceremony was attended by supervising faculty and program director Professor John Forry.

Group Photo