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(LWYL 545) International Arbitration-London

Faculty: David Brennan

3 credit(s)
Concentration(s): International Law (MSLS), LLM in International Law (LLMI), International Law (LLMC), International Law (JD)

The course covers all aspects of international arbitration from drafting of the arbitration agreement through initiating and conduct of the arbitration proceeding that results in a binding and enforceable award. The class encourages students’ pro-active participation in a sequence of written submissions for the arbitration proceeding based on a fictional rolling fact-pattern problem. This practicum allows students to work in teams or individually presenting arguments during class sessions in a mock-arbitral tribunal setting to address a spectrum of arbitration and procedural issues. The course objectives are to provide a thorough knowledge of international arbitration laws, and an understanding of the procedural and practice requirements, and to acquire the ability to perform the steps and strategies to effectively conduct an arbitration case on behalf of a client. The UNCITRAL Model Law (2006) will be a primary focus of the study together with the Vienna International Arbitral Centre Rules (2013). California’s Arbitration Act is similar to the Model Law so the course information is useful for future domestic arbitrations. The final grade is based on a combination of the class work and the practicum with a take-home final examination. The class-related work counts for 35% and the take-home exam for the other 65% of the grade.

Note: This class is the equivalent of LWIC 530