Course Descriptions

Fall 2015 Class Descriptions

Health Law & Bioethics (Dov Fox)

3 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Requirement(s): Writing
Concentration(s): Health Law (JD)

Recent developments in biotechnology and the life sciences invite us to rethink key features of the legal landscape. In addition to traditional health law subjects such as informed consent, physician liability, and access to care, we will examine emerging controversies that cut across torts, contracts, property, intellectual property, criminal procedure, and administrative law. Topics will include brain imaging, DNA forensics, gene patenting, genetic screening, stem cell research, biomedical enhancement, and the appropriation of human cells.  Students will be required to draft and revise a substantial final paper on an approved topic and write weekly reaction papers based on the reading. No background in science or medicine is necessary.

Note: This course may be applied as part of the nine required credits for the Health Law Concentration (JD).
Additional Information:Health Law Concentration

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