Course Descriptions

Fall 2015 Class Descriptions

Death Penalty (John Cotsirilos)

2 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Criminal Law (MSLS), Criminal Law (LLMG), Criminal Law (LLMC), Criminal Litigation (JD)

This course will involve a written exam at the end of the semester focused to evaluating the student's understanding of case law history and practical application of the California statutory scheme. The course will address the following legal issues: 1) History of the Death Penalty; 2) Present legal parameters for trial of a death penalty case; 3) The law and procedure relating to post-conviction death penalty litigation; 4) Systemic issues such as prosecutorial discretion and budgeting concerns; 5) Policy and ethical dilemmas concerning the Death Penalty, i.e., volunteers, race discrimination, and arbitrariness.

Discrimination Law & Diversity (Roy L. Brooks)

3 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Public Interest Law (JD), Employment and Labor Law (LLMG), Employment and Labor Law (JD)

This course is designed not only for the student who plans to practice civil rights or public interest law, but also for the student who plans to hold a position of leadership in a culturally diverse environment; e.g., employment, business, and education. We will study seminal civil rights cases (e.g., Brown v. Board of Education), traditional topics in the field (e.g., school desegregation, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, affirmative action, and the Equal Protection Clause), and modern civil rights orientations that underpin the legal reasoning of conservative, liberal, and progressive justices sitting on the Supreme Court. In addition, we will study how terms like “racism” and “racial discrimination” are no longer seen as primary sources of racial inequality in our culturally diverse, post-civil rights society. Finally, we will grapple with the concept of “diversity,” which, although elevated to constitutional status by the Supreme Court, is viewed as both an asset and liability by businesses.

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