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194July1982Military Reservist-Employees' Rights Under 38 U.S.C. § 2021(b)(3) - What is an Incident or Advantage of Employment?More detail
163May1977Kiev and the Montreux Convention: The Aircraft Carrier that Became a Cruiser to Squeeze Through the Turkish StraitsMore detail
481February2011Selected Works-Professor Fred C. ZachariasMore detail
94June1972D-Day For Decision Makers: Considerations for a New Public School Financing System in California Alan A. NadirMore detail
3832001Hate in Cyberspace: Regulating Hate Speech on the Internet Alexander TsesisMore detail
82March1971Pen Register Evidence With One Party Consent: Should It Be Admissable? Anthony WetherbeeMore detail
94June1972David Meets Goliath in the Legislative Arena: A Losing Battle For Equal Charitable Voice? Edward W. WachtelMore detail
82March1971Certification of Minors to the Juvenile Court: An Empirical Study Glenn Edward RobinsonMore detail
114June1974Local Control of Pollution from Federal Facilities Jacklyn BeckerMore detail
114June1974Equal Management and Control Under Senate Bill 569: “To Have and to Hold” Takes on New Meaning in California John A. AdamskeMore detail
114June1974 Sister Union Strikes and “No Strike” Clauses: The Logic and Necessity of a Presumption of Inclusivity John S. AdlerMore detail
94June1972Workmen's Compensation and Vocational Rehabilitation in California Kelly W. BixbyMore detail
82March1971The Battered Child: Logic in Search of Law Paul Mullin GanleyMore detail
94June1972The Supreme Court and Its Great Justices William C. PateMore detail
71January1970A Study of Juvenile Waiver A Bruce Ferguson & Alan Charles DouglasMore detail
122March1975Who is an "Officer" Under Section 16(b) -- Who Knows?A. John MurphyMore detail
61January1969Ison: The Forensic LotteryA. Kendall Wood IIIMore detail
133May1976The International Seabed and the Single Negotiating TextA.V. LoweMore detail
143May1977The RIght of Entry into Maritime Ports in International LawA.V. LoweMore detail
123May1975The Enforcement of Marine Pollution RegulationsA.V. LoweMore detail
123May1975A Funny Thing Happened to the Common Heritage on the Way to the SeaAaron L. DanzigMore detail
322May1995Toward a Universal Rule for the Reasonable Disposition of Surface Waters in CaliforniaAdam C. LenainMore detail
444November2007Toward Informational Privacy RightsAdam D. Moore More detail
472May2010Private Regulation and Foreign ConductAdam I. MuchmoreMore detail
474November2010Alternative Burdens on Freedom of ConscienceAdam J. KolberMore detail
421February2005Is Copyright Property?Adam MossoffMore detail
404November2003Can We Compensate for Incompensable Harms?Adi AyalMore detail
422May2005Three Strategies of InterpretationAdrian VermeuleMore detail
343August1997Pursuing Doman Name Pirates Into Uncharter Waters: Internet Domain Names That Conflict With Corporate TrademarksAdrian WolffMore detail
271January1990Social Clubs and the Profit Motive Test: Allowability of Excess Deductions Against Investment IncomeAlan BanspachMore detail
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