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2January1965Products Liability– Strict Liability in TortEdward V. BrennanMore detail
2January1965Goldfarb: The Contempt PowerRussell L. JohnsonMore detail
2January1965Rice: The Supreme Court and Public PrayerJ. Mark RhoadsMore detail
2January1965Lewis: Gideon’s TrumpetJohn M. JunkerMore detail
1January1964ForewordGeorge W. Hickman, Jr.More detail
1January1964An AddressW. Willard WirtzMore detail
1January1964Findings of FactJudge James M. Carter & Bruce V. WagnerMore detail
1January1964The Technique of Writing ExaminationsRobert LittlerMore detail
1January1964California Narcotic Rehabilitation: De Facto Prison for Addicts?John L. Roche & James C. RothwellMore detail
1January1964Effect of State Marital Laws on "Widow’s" Benefits Under the Social Security ActEdna D. BarberMore detail
1January1964Formal and Doctrinal Differences Between Government and Private ContractsCharles A. Lynch & Edward C. ReadingMore detail
1January1964Aliens - Immigration and Nationality Act - Brief Excursion Outside Country's Borders by Resident Alien May Not Subject Him to Consequences of an Entry on His ReturnJohn V. StroudMore detail
1January1964Workmen's Compensation - Widow is Entitled to Death Benefits. Deceased Husband, Recipient of a Football Scholarship, is an Employee of his College Within the Meaning of the Workmen's Compensation ActJoe N. TurnerMore detail
1January1964Felony-Murder - Surviving Co-felons are Punishable for First Degree Murder Under California Penal Code Section 189 for the Killing of a Confederate by the Owner of the Store which They were Robbing Robert C. BaxleyMore detail
1January1964Criminal Law - Prosecutor Calling A Witness to the Stand for the Purpose of Exacting a Claim of the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination is Not Prejudicial ErrorG. Dennis AdamsMore detail
1January1964Collateral Estoppel - Corporation Collaterally Estopped From Relitigating Issue Adjudicated in Prior Criminal Conviction of Its PresidentJames W. Brannigan, Jr. More detail
1January1964Ethics - Members of New York Law Firm Found Guilty of Professional Misconduct as a Result of their Role in the Publishing of a Self-Laudatory Article in Life MagazineRobin GoodenoughMore detail
1January1964One Man's Stand For Freedom. By Irving DilliardStanley MoskMore detail
1January1964In Search of Criminology. By Leon RadzinowiczWilliam B. EnrightMore detail
1January1964The Constitutional Right of Association. By David FellmanEdward L Barrett, Jr.More detail
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