San Diego Law Review

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Articles in Volume 55
Conscious Identity Performance
Leslie P. Culver
Culture wars on Campus: Academic Freedom, the First Amendment, and Partisan Outrage in Polarized Times
Jason M. Shepard & Kathleen B. Culver
Defense and Desert: When Reasons Don't Share
Kimberly Kessler Ferzan
In Consumer Protection We Trust? Re-thinking the Legal Framework for Country of Origin Cases
Shmuel I. Becher & Jessica C. Lai
In Defense of a Little Judiciary: A Textual and Constitutional Foundation for Chevron
Terence J. McCarrick, Jr.
Laying Siege to the Ivory Tower: Resource Allocation in Response to the Heckler's Veto on University Campuses
Macklin W. Thornton
Looking for Venue in the Patently Right Places: A Parallel Study of the VENUE Act and Venue in ANDA Litigation
Mengke Xing
Poor Wesley Hohfeld
Peter Westen
Punitive Preemption and the First Amendment
Rachel Proctor May
Reconciling Brady and Pitchess: Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs v. Superior Court, and the Future of Brady Lists
Ryan T. Cannon
Uwe Steinhoff
Self-Defense and Culpability: Fault Forfeits First
Richard J. Arneson
Self-Defense, Necessity, and the Duty to Compensate, in Law and Morality
Kenneth W. Simons
Steinhoff and Self-Defense
Michael S. Moore
The Duality of Provider and Payer in the Current Healthcare Landscape and Related Antitrust Implications
Julia Kapchinskiy
The Nature of Self-Defense
Samuel C. Rickless
The Need to Attend to Probabilities—For Purposes of Self-Defense and Other Preemptive Actions
Larry Alexander
The Right to Cause Harm as an Alternative to Being Sacrificed for Others: An Exploration of Agent-Rights with a Special Focus on Intervening Agency
Alec Walen
The Vindication of Good Over Evil:
Douglas Husak
Unwitting Justification
Peter Westen
Update on Antitrust and Pay-for-Delay: Evaluating
Saami Zain