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The San Diego Law Review (SDLR) is an academic journal dedicated to the publication of articles that widens the realm of academic education.  Created in 1964, the Law Review is committed to publishing articles and essays written by academics, judges, and legal practitioners from all over the world.  The San Diego Law Review is an entirely student-run organization.  All articles are selected, edited, and published by the review’s Editorial Board.  Additionally, almost every issue contains at least one comment or casenote authored by a University of San Diego law school student, as selected by the Editorial Board.

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Articles in Volume 53
Why the Ministerial Exception Is Consistent With Smith—And Why It Makes Sense
William A. Galston
Article III Standing for Private Plaintiffs Challenging Greenhouse Gas Regulations
Bradford C. Mank
Better Sex Through Criminal Law: Proxy Crimes, Covert Negligence, and Other Difficulties of "Affirmative Consent" in the ALI's Draft Sexual Assault Provisions
Kevin Cole
Byrne: Closing hte Gap Between HIPAA and Patient Privacy
Austin Rutherford
Consumers' Obsession Becoming Retailers' Possession: THe Way That Retailers Are Benefitting from Consumers' Presence on Social Media
Vivian Adame
Do Religious Exemptions Save?
Maimon Schwarzschild
Free Exercise By Moonlight
Marc O. DeGirolami
Funding Terrorism: The Problem of Ransom Payments
Yvonne M. Dutton
Making the Grade: School-Based Telemedicine and Parental Consent
Emily G. Narum
Masking Your Rights: Facemask Requirements Under Mandatory Influenza-Vaccination Policies Violate Privacy Rights of Health Care Workers
Janet S. Kim
Master Metaphors and Double-Coding in the Encounters of Religion and State
Perry Dane
Negotiating the Terms of Corporate Human Rights Liability Under Federal Law
R. George Wright
Net Legal Power
Steven Ferrey
Notice and the Claim Presentation Requirements Under the California Government Claims Act: Recalibrating the Scales of Justice
Samanta Lewis
Religion in the Public Square
H.E. Baber
RFRA, State RFRAs, and Religious Minorities
Christopher C. Lund
Sealing and Destruction of Criminal Records for the Factually Innocent: A "Second Chance" for California Penal Code Section 851.8
Irina Fox
The Opposite of Anarchy and the Transmission of Faith: The Freedom to Teach after Smith, Hosanna-Tabor, Obergefell, and the Ascendancy of Sexual Expressionism
Helen M. Alvaré
There's No Place Like (Your) Home: Evaluating Existing Models and Proposing Solutions for Room-sharing Regulation
Lara Major
Three's a Crowd or a Charm? Third Party Liability for Participating in Breaches of Fiduciary Duty
Alison Gurr


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