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1112000The Retirement Plan in California Marital Dissolution ProceedingsAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000Determination of Goodwill in Dissolution Proceedings: A HypotheticalTodd WightMore detail
1112000Problems with "Community Estate Personal Injury Damages" and Thier Allocation in California Divorce ProceedingsTomothy R. AultMore detail
1112000Professional Goodwill: Two Community Property States Differ on Its Characterization and DivisionCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000Medical Degree in Divorce: New York versus CaliforniaRaj RajanMore detail
1112000Attacking the Judgment of Divorce That Incorporates a Marital Settlement AgreementJason PastoMore detail
1112000A History of the Automatic TROs in Family Code 2040(a)Dana WarstlerMore detail
1112000Discovery Rules in Divorce Litigation (California Family Code 2100-13Luisa BigorniaMore detail
1112000Why No Right to Jury Trial in Marital Dissolution Actions?John K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000Transmutation of Property and the California Family CodeBret BartolottaMore detail
1112000Philosophical Models of Marriage and Their Influence on Property Division Methods at DivorceCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000Marital Property Division in Divorce Proceedings: Full Faith & Credit Clause and JurisdictionRochelle StrubMore detail
1112000Characterization of Federal Military Pension Benefits in CaliforniaVanessa Gamponia EllermannMore detail
1112000Characterization for Purposes of Divorce: Retirement Pension Benefits vs. Disability BenefitsKenneth StraussMore detail
1112000Alimony: Race, Privilege, and Dependency in the Search for TheoryKeith L. ShojiMore detail
1112000Alimony as an Equalizing Force in DivorceMichelle MurrayMore detail
1112000Grounds for Modification of Support AgreementsChristina M. Mc CLurgMore detail
1112000The Abandonement Defense to a Claim for Parental SupportPriscilla DayMore detail
1112000"Prodigal Parent" as a Defense to Proceedings Brought to Require Support from a ChildAmber SpataroMore detail
1112000Remarriage of Obligor Spouse as Grounds for Modification of Support AwardCatherine T. SmithMore detail
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