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91998Evils and InequalitiesClaudia CardMore detail
91998Back to Androgeny: What Bathrooms Can Teach Us About EqualityLouise M. AntonyMore detail
91998What Sort of Sexual Equality Should Feminists Seek?Richard J. ArnesonMore detail
91998Tomboys, Femmes and Prisoner's DilemmasH. E. BaberMore detail
91998Equality for Girls an Other Women: The Built Architecture of the Purposive LifeJane Maslow CohenMore detail
91998Toward a Liberal Theory of Sexual EqualityS.A. LloydMore detail
101999Problems with Prozac: A Defective Product Responsible for Criminal Behavior?May L. HarrisMore detail
101999Unraveling Soviet PsychiatryRichard J. Bonnie & Svetlana V. PolubinskayaMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Culture of CritiqueDavid B. WexlerMore detail
101999Defining Dangerousness: Risking a Dangerous DefinitionGrant H. MorrisMore detail
101999Crazy ReasonsStephen J. MorseMore detail
101999The Americans with Disabilities Act and Mental Health Law: Issues for the Twenty-First CenturySusan StefanMore detail
101999Weaving a Tangled Web: The Deceptions of PsychiatristsAnsar M. Haroun & Grant H. MorrisMore detail
101999Competency to Decide on Treatment and Research: MacArthur and BeyondElyn R. Saks & Stephen H. BehnkeMore detail
101999Using DSM-IV to Diagnose Mental Illness in Asian AmericansTam B. TranMore detail
101999Anti-Social Personality Disorder: Justification for the Death Penalty?Charles M. SevillaMore detail
101999Treating Kids Right: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Amenability to Treatment ConceptChristopher SloboginMore detail
101999Reducing Recidivism by Substance Abusers Who Commit Drug and Alcohol Related CrimesDess Aldredge GrangettoMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Civil Commitment HearingBruce J. WinickMore detail
101999"Half-Wracked Prejudice Leaped Forth": Sanism, Pretextuality, and Why and How Mental Disability Law Developed as it DidMichael L. PerlinMore detail
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