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1112000Article Review: 14 Ways to Talk with Your LawyerAlena ShamosMore detail
1112000Sex and the Divorce LawyerGretchen M. StaleyMore detail
1112000Social Scientists' Perspectives on the Causes of Spousal AbuseCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Tolling the Statute of Limitations in Childhood Sexual Abuse Civil CasesMick FrascaMore detail
1112000Deterring Domestic Violence: Prospects for Heightened Success in the "Victimless" Prosecution of Domestic Violence CasesCory AdamsMore detail
1112000Alternatives to Traditional Criminal Prosecution of Spousal AbuseLuisa BigorniaMore detail
1112000Representing Defendants in Domestic Violence Prosecutions: Interview with a Public DefenderRenee HarrisonMore detail
1112000The San Diego Police Department's Domestic Violence UnitRaquel Lazar-PaleyMore detail
1112000Elder Abuse as Domestic Violence in CaliforniaChristina MatiasMore detail
1112000The Child's Right of Access to the CourtsJana MicekMore detail
1112000Enforcing Child Support by Revoking Licences: How Constitutional Is It?Mai M. PetersenMore detail
1112000Do Parents Know How Much Time They Spend with Their Children?Anthony J. Campanale, Jr.More detail
1112000Interview: Representation of the Child's Interests in a Custody ProceedingTimothy R. AultMore detail
1112000She's My Baby Too...A Father's Road to Custody ResolutionCassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000Taking Visitation Seriously: The Most Intractable Problem in Marital DissolutionGary BoatwrightMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of BurgessAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000When Parents Can't Agree: Representing the Parent Who Shares Legal CustodyPriscilla DayMore detail
1112000California's Answer to the Problem of Parental KidnappingAndrea LockhartMore detail
1112000Casenote: In re Adoption of Kelsey S.Kristine AltonMore detail
1112000Corporal Punishment and the Legal System: An Article ReviewTeresa Mosher BoydMore detail
1112000Parents' Religious Freedom to Let Their Child DieDaniel M. EdberMore detail
1112000The Presumption of Legitimacy in California and New YorkMike McGowanMore detail
1112000The "Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident" Provisions of UIFSAJohn K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000The "Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident" Provisions of UIFSAJohn K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000Does the Child Support Recovery Act Violate Due Process and the Right to Travel?Martha Katherine WaltzMore detail
1112000The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996Keith L. ShojiMore detail
1112000The State's Constitutional Power to Regulate AbortionBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1112000Damages for Wrongful PregnancyDavid KerraneMore detail
1112000Constitutional Rights of Prospective FathersM.A. MarshallMore detail
1112000Michael H. v. Gerald D.Sharon SmithMore detail
1112000Termination of the Absent or Unknown Putative Father's RightsStacia GawronskiMore detail
1112000Termination of Parental Rights and the Mentally "Disabled" ParentHeidi DarbyMore detail
1112000Termination of Parental Rights Based on a Felony ConvictionJana MicekMore detail
1112000Methods of Emancipation: Today's Children, Yesterday's SlavesMatthew BennettMore detail
1112000The Medical Emancipation of Minors: A California HistorySharon SmithMore detail
1112000Abortion Rights of Minors, Parental Consent, and Parental NotificationCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Emancipation Through PregnancyStacey AmodioMore detail
1112000Should Children Be Able to Divorce Their Parents?Priscilla DayMore detail
1112000Emancipation in San Diego CountyKristine AltonMore detail
1112000Interview: Emancipating Minors From a Judicial PerspectiveAustin SungMore detail
1112000Statutory Emancipation in California: Privilege or Poverty?Tia WallachMore detail
1112000First Amendment Rights in Public SchoolsJonathan W.A. LiffMore detail
1112000The Emerging Tort of Wrongful AdoptionAmanda TrefethenMore detail
1112000Adult Adoption: A Comparison of New York and California LawAndy OsornoMore detail
1112000The Role of the Children's Services Bureau in Family ReunificationBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1112000How to Become a Foster Parent in San Diego CountyLili MostofiMore detail
1112000Effectuation of Minor's Right to State Preference for Foster PlacementChristina M. Mc ClurgMore detail
1112000A Look at Open AdoptionAmy L. DohertyMore detail
1112000Recent Developments in Single Parent AdoptionsKenneth StraussMore detail
1112000Should Race be Considered in the Adoption of a Child?Cassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
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