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1112000"Following His Heart": Representing the Child-Support Obligor Who Plans to Change JobsJohn S. HealyMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of Butler and GillBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1112000California Spousal Support EnforcementSteve EscaleraMore detail
1112000Court-Ordered Support and the Thirteenth Amendment's Prohibition Against Imposition of Involuntary ServitudeDavid WieseMore detail
1112000The District Attorney's Role in Support EnforcementAnthony J. Campanale, Jr.More detail
1112000Enforcement of Child Support and the California Penal CodeDaniel B. McConnellMore detail
1112000Pay Unto Others as They Have Paid Unto You: An Economic Analysis of the Adult Child's Duty to Support an Indigent ParentJohn WaltersMore detail
1112000Joint Legal Custody and the Parent Who Wants to MoveJason PastoMore detail
1112000Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical StudyDavid E. ShamskyMore detail
1112000Spousal Support Mediation: An InterviewTia WallachMore detail
1112000Earning Capacity as a Factor to be Considered in Ordering Spousal SupportCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Spousal Support Under the Internal Revenue CodeStacia GawronskiMore detail
1112000California's Statewide Uniform Guideline for Child SupportAlexandre A. RochaMore detail
1112000Child-Support Guidelines in California and NevadaKristin Schuler-HintzMore detail
1112000Recent Developments in Child Support LitigationRenee HarrisonMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of ReynoldsAmber SpataroMore detail
1212001Expanding Trademarks Into New Geographic Areas and Product LinesNorah McCormickMore detail
1212001The First Amendment Right to Free Speech and Trademark ParodiesBobby BellMore detail
1212001Trademarks and Goodwill-Relationships and ValuationTodd JacobsenMore detail
1122001Limited Classification of Human Capital as Marital PropertyMegan BerryMore detail
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