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1212001Does the Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act Abandon Likelihood of Confusion?Jill Ann EalyMore detail
1212001Due Diligence: Trademark Searches and Opinion LettersLaura ThompsonMore detail
1112000DVRO: Just a Piece of PaperMayumi WaddyMore detail
1112000Earning Capacity as a Factor to be Considered in Ordering Spousal SupportCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Effectuation of Minor's Right to State Preference for Foster PlacementChristina M. Mc ClurgMore detail
1112000Elder Abuse as Domestic Violence in CaliforniaChristina MatiasMore detail
172008Electronics and the Future of Law SchoolsEli M. NoamMore detail
162007Eliminating the Legal Orphan ProblemKirstin AndreasenMore detail
1112000Emancipation in San Diego CountyKristine AltonMore detail
1112000Emancipation Through PregnancyStacey AmodioMore detail
1112000Enforcement of Child Support and the California Penal CodeDaniel B. McConnellMore detail
202012Enforcement of Spousal Support Obligations in Marital Settlement AgreementsCourt TurnerMore detail
1112000Enforcing Child Support by Revoking Licences: How Constitutional Is It?Mai M. PetersenMore detail
182009Enforcing the Bill of Rights Against the States: The History and the FutureRichard L. AynesMore detail
721996Enlightening the Religion ClausesSuzanna SherryMore detail
1412004Equal Protection - not Justice - for All: How the Georgia Legislature Rewards Deadbeat ParentsStephanie M. AlexanderMore detail
162007Equal Protection and Gender Preference in Divorce Contests over CustodyAlexandra SelfridgeMore detail
91998Equality for Girls an Other Women: The Built Architecture of the Purposive LifeJane Maslow CohenMore detail
162007Ethical Obligations to Children in Marital DissolutionsParnian ToofanianMore detail
1212001Even "Dumb Luck" Can Create a Right of Publicity: Vanna White v. SamsungLauri S. ThompsonMore detail
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