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1112000Contesting the Enforceability of a Premarital AgreementJennifer KimMore detail
61995Contracts of Mutual Understanding: Negotiating Meanings and Moral Sentiments with InfantsColwyn TrevarthenMore detail
1212001Control over Counterfeits: The Most Important Right the Lanham Act Confers on Those Who Register Under ItPeter Louis ChaseyMore detail
61995Conventionalization in the First Generation: A Community Acquires a LanguageAnn SenghasMore detail
162007Corporal Punishment and Rules of ReasonTrish HodnyMore detail
1112000Corporal Punishment and the Legal System: An Article ReviewTeresa Mosher BoydMore detail
162007Court-Appointed Counsel and the Wrong Side of Soundproof GlassBrent AveryMore detail
1112000Court-Ordered Support and the Thirteenth Amendment's Prohibition Against Imposition of Involuntary ServitudeDavid WieseMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part I: The FDA, The Courts, and the Regulation of TobaccoJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part II: The Impact of the Reapportionment Revolution on Congress and State LegislaturesJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
101999Crazy ReasonsStephen J. MorseMore detail
162007Criminal Enforcement of Parental ObligationsKathleen A. CullinanMore detail
1412004Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of HealthAmy ZelayaMore detail
162007Custodial Rights of California Mothers and Fathers: A Brief HistorySarah PinkertonMore detail
1212001Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders v. Pussycat CinemaTony FarmanyMore detail
1112000Damages for Wrongful PregnancyDavid KerraneMore detail
1412004Dandridge v. Williams: The Supreme Court and Acceptable Family SizeKirstin Andreasen More detail
1412004DeBoer v. DeBoer: The Rights of Unwed Fathers in AdoptionThomas TeschnerMore detail
1212001Debt Relief Legal Clinic Going Once, Going Twice. . . .Malte FarnaesMore detail
101999Defining Dangerousness: Risking a Dangerous DefinitionGrant H. MorrisMore detail
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