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192010Where's the Beef? Slogans as Marks Under the Lanham ActMalte FarnaesMore detail
162007Where's the Morph? Joint "Custody" vs. the Changed Circumstances RuleJohn R. GardnerMore detail
162007Who Gets to Visit? A History of Third-Party Visitation Rights in Family CourtMelissa CurryMore detail
162007Why Daddy LosesSarah BrownMore detail
1212001Why Different "Marks" in the Lanham Act?Martin SchulzMore detail
1112000Why No Right to Jury Trial in Marital Dissolution Actions?John K. MatsumotoMore detail
1112000Why Should a Family Lawyer Be Familiar with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce?John S. HealyMore detail
1212001Why the United States Was Right: The Brief for "Use in Commerce" as the StandardAngelo GenovaMore detail Brookfield Communications v. West Coast EntertainmentNils MaackMore detail
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