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1412004First Amendment Rights in Public SchoolsJonathan W.A. LiffMore detail
1412004Legitimizing the Bastard: The Supreme Court's Treatment of the Illegitimate ChildLili MostofiMore detail
1412004Goss v. Lopez: How Much Process Is Really Due?Paula KoellmannMore detail
1412004Carey v. Population Services International: Minors' Rights to Access ContraceptivesAngela PattersonMore detail
1412004Plyler v. DoeLizzette HerreraMore detail
1412004The Fourth Amendment Rights of Children in the Public School SystemKristine AltonMore detail
1412004DeShaney v. Winnebago County DDSDaniel EdberMore detail
1412004A Constitutional Enough Bypass ProcedureLyndsey FibusMore detail
1412004Maryland v. Craig: Public Policy Trumps Constitutional GuaranteesAmy LjungdahlMore detail
1412004Reno v. ACLU: Parental Rights, Children's Rights, or Parens Patriae?T. Jesse HindmanMore detail
1412004ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
1212001TRIPS: International Trademark Law That Promotes Global TradeSanjeev DaveMore detail
1212001The First Amendment Right to Free Speech and Trademark ParodiesBobby BellMore detail
1212001Trademarks and Goodwill-Relationships and ValuationTodd JacobsenMore detail
1212001Expanding Trademarks Into New Geographic Areas and Product LinesNorah McCormickMore detail
1412004Federal Constitutional Constraints on Child-Support Enforcement ProceedingsTimothy R. AultMore detail
1412004Constitutional Bases for Federal Child-Support EnforcementLizzette HerreraMore detail
1412004Saenz v. RoeAlyson TaubMore detail
1412004Little v. Streater and the State Investment in FatherhoodKirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Constitutional Rights of Prospective FathersM.A. MarshallMore detail
1412004Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians v. HolyfieldAngela M. MonguiaMore detail
1412004Michael H. v. Gerald D. Sharon SmithMore detail
1412004Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of HealthAmy ZelayaMore detail
1412004DeBoer v. DeBoer: The Rights of Unwed Fathers in AdoptionThomas TeschnerMore detail
1412004Baby Boy Richard and the Search for the Father's Constitutional Slot in Infant AdoptionVictoria R. WigginsMore detail
1412004Equal Protection - not Justice - for All: How the Georgia Legislature Rewards Deadbeat ParentsStephanie M. AlexanderMore detail
1412004"Splitting the Baby" in Troxel v. GranvilleMeredith RustonMore detail
1412004Gomez v. Perez: Mitigating the Stigma of IllegitimacyKrishna HaneyMore detail
1412004Kulko v. Superior Court of CaliforniaPaul BaellyMore detail
1412004Califano v. BolesRyan VicariMore detail
1412004Mills v. Habluetzel and California's Conclusive Paternity PresumptionJohn AbelMore detail
1412004Rose v. RoseLewis S. EnsleyMore detail
1412004Bowen v. Gilliard: Out of the Mouths of Babes and Into the Government CoffersS. Elise KertMore detail
1412004Blessing v. FreestoneBethany ZepsMore detail
711996The Exclusivity of the Criminal Law: Toward a "Regulatory Model" of, or "Pathological Perspective" on, the Civil-Criminal DistinctionDonald DrippsMore detail
1212001Trademark Infringement and Plaintiff's Damages: Lanham Act § 35(a)Michael Anthony ArcieroMore detail
1212001Bringing a Foreign Trademark into the United StatesShannon CherryMore detail
1212001German and European Trademark LawBernd StegmaierMore detail
1212001Considerations in Advising Clients on Foreign Trademark RegistrationNorah McCormickMore detail
1212001Review Essay: New Wine in Old BottlesAlexander V.G. KraftMore detail
1212001Madrid Trademark Agreement vs. Madrid ProtocolThorsten KleinMore detail
1212001Does It Make a Difference Where That Chablis Comes From? Geographic Indications in TRIPs and NAFTAHarun KazmiMore detail
1212001Has the United States Ratified the Trademark Law Treaty Yet?Julie JurekMore detail
1212001TRIPS: Historical Overview and Basic PrinciplesMay L. HarrisMore detail
1212001Pros and Cons of the Trademark Law TreatyRichard CheungMore detail
1212001From Paris Convention to TRIPs: A Brief HistoryGustavo BravoMore detail
1212001"National Treatment" and the International Recognition and Treatment of TrademarksAmy M. AuMore detail
1212001Lanham Act Meets Madrid Protocol and Trademark Law Treaty: The Application ProcessSteven AndreacolaMore detail
1212001Where to File? Strategic Considerations When Filing Your Domain DisputePamela WongMore detail
1212001Panavision International v. ToeppenSam TahmassebiMore detail
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