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162007The Custody Wars: A ReviewEva TurellaMore detail
81997A Theory of the Origin of Natural LawMark F. Grady, Michael T. McGuireMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor BrowneLionel TigerMore detail
81997An Evolutionary Perspective on Sexual Harassment:: Seeking Roots in Biology Rather than IdeologyKingsley R. BrowneMore detail
81997The Symposium on Law, Human Behavior, and Evolution: An IntroductionGail HeriotMore detail
162007Professional Responsibility and False Accusations of Child AbuseRyan C. CoulsonMore detail
162007Interview: Child Custody MediationBethany ZepsMore detail
162007Capitulate or Else: San Diego's Mandatory Mediation Process and Procedural FairnessAngel LawrenceMore detail
162007The Relocation ControversyProctor HarangMore detail
162007Should the Standards in "Move-Away" Cases Be Different for Sole and Joint Physical Custody?Erinn R. WegnerMore detail
162007Does In re Marriage of LaMusga Open a New Chapter or Close an Old One in the Move-Away Controversy?Kimball DentonMore detail
162007Where's the Morph? Joint "Custody" vs. the Changed Circumstances RuleJohn R. GardnerMore detail
162007The Visitation Calendar: Time Marked ZeroDanielle K. MoroneMore detail
162007Who Gets to Visit? A History of Third-Party Visitation Rights in Family CourtMelissa CurryMore detail
162007Parental Kidnapping Prevention ActFrank CracchioloMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professors Grady & McGuireChristopher BoehmMore detail
81997Law and Biology: Toward an Integrated Model of Human BehaviorOwen D. JonesMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professor JonesRobert D. CooterMore detail
162007Indirect Representation of the Child in Custody DisputesRobin MooreMore detail
162007Ethical Obligations to Children in Marital DissolutionsParnian ToofanianMore detail
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