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162007Equal Protection and Gender Preference in Divorce Contests over CustodyAlexandra SelfridgeMore detail
162007Why Daddy LosesSarah BrownMore detail
162007Under My Roof: Parents' Rights to Children's EarningsJillian BenbowMore detail
162007Are Children Community Property in California?Jeffrey A. MyersMore detail
162007Limitations on Parens Patriae: the State and the Parent/Child RelationshipGregory ThomasMore detail
152006When Does Deliberating Improve Decisionmaking?Mathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
152006Judicial Selection, Appointments, Gridlock, and the Nuclear OptionDavid S. Law & Lawrence B. SolumMore detail
152006Conditions for Judicial IndependenceMcNollgastMore detail
152006Judicial Independence: Often Cited, Rarely UnderstoodLydia Brashear TiedeMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part I: The FDA, The Courts, and the Regulation of TobaccoJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
152006Courts, Congress, and Public Policy, Part II: The Impact of the Reapportionment Revolution on Congress and State LegislaturesJeffrey R. Lax & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
152006How Massachusetts Got Gay Marriage: The Intersection of Popular Opinion, Legislative Action, and Judicial PowerTonja JacobiMore detail
162007Honor Thy Mother and Father: The Roman Catholic View of the Parent/Child RelationshipChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007Are Two Parents Really Better Than One?Samin ValimohammadiMore detail
162007Parents as ScapegoatsMin KangMore detail
162007Fathers Needed: Paternity Not NecessaryCourtney PoelMore detail
162007Fit or Unfit? Homosexuality and ParentingAlyson TaubMore detail
162007...But a Child Can Have Two MothersVictoria SteeleyMore detail
162007Derivative Citizenship Through ParentsSungjee LeeMore detail
162007Book Review: Fighting For Your Children: A Father's Guide to CustodyJayson LorenzoMore detail
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