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172008Defining Our Responsibilities: Being an Academic FiduciaryRichard A. MatasarMore detail
172008The Market for DeansDaniel B. RodriguezMore detail
172008Should Law Schools Support Faculty Research?Edward RubinMore detail
172008Gresham's Law in Legal EducationSteven R. SmithMore detail
172008Law School Faculty as Free AgentsClayton P. GilletteMore detail
192010What Makes Trademarks "Intellectual" Property?Laura SlezingerMore detail
162007Pitfalls Await Emancipated ParentsChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
162007Parent, Child, State, and the Limits on the Parent's Entitlement to Dictate a Child's Medical Treatment on the Basis of ReligionJared M. JarvisMore detail
162007Refusal of Medical Treatment Based on Religious Beliefs: Jehovah's Witness ParentsKaren L. DiazMore detail
162007Challenges for Negotiating and Drafting an Antenuptial Agreement for the Religious Upbringing of Future ChildrenAlexandra SelfridgeMore detail
162007Homeschooling: Depriving Children of Social Development?Samantha LebedaMore detail
162007Is There a Right Way to Discipline a Child?Chih (Peter) L. ChenMore detail
162007Corporal Punishment and Rules of ReasonTrish HodnyMore detail
162007From Parent to Protector: The History of Corporal Punishment in American Public SchoolsTimothy GarrisonMore detail
162007The Making of a Killer ChildCepideh RoufougarMore detail
162007Parental Civil Liability for the Torts of MinorsLisa GentileMore detail
162007Criminal Enforcement of Parental ObligationsKathleen A. CullinanMore detail
162007Family Code Section 3120-Useless or Underused?James C. FessendenMore detail
162007Custodial Rights of California Mothers and Fathers: A Brief HistorySarah PinkertonMore detail
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