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182009The New Originalism Meets the Fourteenth Amendment: Original Public Meaning and the Problem of IncorporationLawrence RosenthalMore detail
182009Incorporation and Originalist TheoryLawrence B. SolumMore detail
182009Beyond IncorporationKurt T. LashMore detail
182009The Fourteenth Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the (First) Criminal Procedure RevolutionDonald A. DrippsMore detail
182009Commentary: Was the Bill of Rights Irrelevant to Nineteenth-Century State Criminal Procedure?Carolyn B. RamseyMore detail
182009How Much Does It Really Matter Whether Courts Work Within the "Clearly Marked" Provisions of the Bill of Rights or With the "Generalities" of the Fourteenth Amendment?Yale KamisarMore detail
182009Introduction: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights: What Have we Learned? Why Does It Matter?Donald A. DrippsMore detail
192010Trademark Law: How We Got to Where We Are TodayThomalyn EppsMore detail
172008Post-Tenure Review As If It MatteredJayne W. BarnardMore detail
172008The Private and Public Employment of African-American Lawyers, 1960-2000James LindgrenMore detail
172008Affirmative Action in American Law SchoolsGail HeriotMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Culture of CritiqueDavid B. WexlerMore detail
101999Using DSM-IV to Diagnose Mental Illness in Asian AmericansTam B. TranMore detail
101999Anti-Social Personality Disorder: Justification for the Death Penalty?Charles M. SevillaMore detail
101999Unraveling Soviet PsychiatryRichard J. Bonnie & Svetlana V. PolubinskayaMore detail
101999Treating Kids Right: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Amenability to Treatment ConceptChristopher SloboginMore detail
162007How to Adopt Your Foster Child in CaliforniaLawya RangelMore detail
172008ShamePaul CamposMore detail
172008Comments on the Legal Education CartelLloyd CohenMore detail
172008Electronics and the Future of Law SchoolsEli M. NoamMore detail
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