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162007The Visitation Calendar: Time Marked ZeroDanielle K. MoroneMore detail
202012A Short History of Alimony in English and the United StatesDanielle MonroeMore detail
192010One Lawyer, Two Clients, and the PTODanny ChaseMore detail
192010Attacking the Section 32(1) ClaimDanny ChaseMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Culture of CritiqueDavid B. WexlerMore detail
1112000Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical StudyDavid E. ShamskyMore detail
1212001Book Review: Territorial Intellectual Property Rights in an Age of GlobalismDavid GebhardtMore detail
1212001A Good Mark Is Hard to Find, Even Harder to Protect Against GenericideDavid H. MelilliMore detail
1212001Proving Likelihood of Confusion: Lanham Act vs. RestatementDavid J. McKinleyMore detail
1112000Damages for Wrongful PregnancyDavid KerraneMore detail
1212001The Blessings of a Generic Mark: A Case NoteDavid MelilliMore detail
152006Introduction: Positive Political Theory and LawDavid S. LawMore detail
152006Judicial Selection, Appointments, Gridlock, and the Nuclear OptionDavid S. Law & Lawrence B. SolumMore detail
202012Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical StudyDavid ShamskyMore detail
1112000Court-Ordered Support and the Thirteenth Amendment's Prohibition Against Imposition of Involuntary ServitudeDavid WieseMore detail
202012Jail Time for Failure to Pay Spousal SupportDavid WilliamsMore detail
1212001The Lanham Act's Contribution to Trademark RightsDawen PhlegerMore detail
1122001Constructing Identity in Law and Social ScienceDeborah Jones MerrittMore detail
1212001The Ninth Circuit's "Nominative Fair Use" Defense to Mark Infringement: New Kid on the Block?Denis GosselinMore detail
101999Reducing Recidivism by Substance Abusers Who Commit Drug and Alcohol Related CrimesDess Aldredge GrangettoMore detail
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