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1112000Effectuation of Minor's Right to State Preference for Foster PlacementChristina M. Mc ClurgMore detail
1112000Elder Abuse as Domestic Violence in CaliforniaChristina MatiasMore detail
202012Grounds for Modification of Support AgreementsChristina McClurgMore detail
202012Grant Proposal for the Empirical Study of California Spousal Support Awards Christina PhanMore detail
61995Ritual, Rule and Cognitive SchemeChristina TorenMore detail
162007An Overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978Christine BasicMore detail
1412004Strict Scrutiny and the Sexual Revolution: Frontiero v. RichardsonChristine BasicMore detail
81997Comment on Article by Professors Grady & McGuireChristopher BoehmMore detail
101999Treating Kids Right: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Amenability to Treatment ConceptChristopher SloboginMore detail
1312003The Noncompensation Thesis and its Critics: A Review of This Symposium's Challenges to the Argument for Not Compensating Victims of Legal TransitionChristopher T. WonnellMore detail
61995The Role of Gesture and Speech Communication as a Reflection of Cognitive UnderstandingChurch, Reichl, Goodman, Kelly, NolleyMore detail
1222002Are Patriarchal Cultures Really A Problem? Rethinking Objections From Cultural ViciousnessCindy HolderMore detail
91998Evils and InequalitiesClaudia CardMore detail
1322004Direct Democracy and DebtClayton P. GilletteMore detail
172008Law School Faculty as Free AgentsClayton P. GilletteMore detail
202012The Litigation Process for an Alimony Award Colleen McBrideMore detail
61995Contracts of Mutual Understanding: Negotiating Meanings and Moral Sentiments with InfantsColwyn TrevarthenMore detail
1112000Deterring Domestic Violence: Prospects for Heightened Success in the "Victimless" Prosecution of Domestic Violence CasesCory AdamsMore detail
1112000Premarital AgreementsCory AdamsMore detail
202012Enforcement of Spousal Support Obligations in Marital Settlement AgreementsCourt TurnerMore detail
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