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1112000Earning Capacity as a Factor to be Considered in Ordering Spousal SupportCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Abortion Rights of Minors, Parental Consent, and Parental NotificationCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
1112000Should Race be Considered in the Adoption of a Child?Cassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000She's My Baby Too...A Father's Road to Custody ResolutionCassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000Becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist in CaliforniaCassondra L. WeidenhoeftMore detail
1112000Professional Goodwill: Two Community Property States Differ on Its Characterization and DivisionCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000Philosophical Models of Marriage and Their Influence on Property Division Methods at DivorceCatherine T. SmithMore detail
1112000Remarriage of Obligor Spouse as Grounds for Modification of Support AwardCatherine T. SmithMore detail
162007The Making of a Killer ChildCepideh RoufougarMore detail
101999Anti-Social Personality Disorder: Justification for the Death Penalty?Charles M. SevillaMore detail
192010Geographical Indications in Multinational AgreementsCharlie FuMore detail
192010Other People's Names and FacesCharlie FuMore detail
192010A Little Bad Faith Goes a Long Way: American Rice v. Producers Rice MillCharlie Fu & Brandon MeyerMore detail
162007Is There a Right Way to Discipline a Child?Chih (Peter) L. ChenMore detail
192010PodWars: Too Big of a Bite or Free-Riders' Red Herring?Chris SclimentiMore detail
192010Should Congress Provide a PTO-Maintained Register for Famous Marks?Chris SclimentiMore detail
1412004Medicaid and the Pauperization of America's SeniorsChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007Pitfalls Await Emancipated ParentsChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
162007Honor Thy Mother and Father: The Roman Catholic View of the Parent/Child RelationshipChristina Baine DeJardinMore detail
1112000Grounds for Modification of Support AgreementsChristina M. Mc CLurgMore detail
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