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1212001Trademark Protection and Acquiring the Status of IncontestabilityBradley HaasMore detail
192010NAFTA Article 1712 and "Primarily Geographically Deceptively Misdescriptive" MarksBrandon MeyerMore detail
192010What Happens if I Can't Get Away with It? Disclaimer Law and PracticeBrandon MeyerMore detail
162007Court-Appointed Counsel and the Wrong Side of Soundproof GlassBrent AveryMore detail
1212001Reverse Confusion: Fundamentals and LimitsBrent FolsomMore detail
1112000The State's Constitutional Power to Regulate AbortionBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1412004The State's Constitutional Power to Regulate AbortionBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1112000From the Altar to the Prom: Underage Marriages in San Diego CountyBrent WeinsteinMore detail
1112000In re Marriage of Butler and GillBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1112000The Role of the Children's Services Bureau in Family ReunificationBrenton C. YoungMore detail
1412004Turner v. SafleyBret A. BartolottaMore detail
1212001Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Dragon Pacific InternationalBret A. BartolottaMore detail
1112000Transmutation of Property and the California Family CodeBret BartolottaMore detail
1212001Review Essay: Who Are the Real Competitors in the Olympic Games?Brian WhiteMore detail
101999Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Civil Commitment HearingBruce J. WinickMore detail
182009Nationalizing the Bill of Rights: Scholarship and Commentary on the Fourteenth Amendment in 1867-1873Bryan H. WildenthalMore detail
61995Talker-Listener Attunements to Speech EventsCarol A. Fowler & Elena T. LevyMore detail
61995The Text of Conversation and ThoughtCarole E. LoganMore detail
182009Commentary: Was the Bill of Rights Irrelevant to Nineteenth-Century State Criminal Procedure?Carolyn B. RamseyMore detail
1112000Social Scientists' Perspectives on the Causes of Spousal AbuseCarolyn PuzellaMore detail
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